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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bonzie hits front page!!!....................


Ok ......where do I start to explain this one to you. It was a very ordinary day in bonzieville when I popped into check on my shop before heading to work and KABAMM, there it was staring back at me , my own creation, little ruffled babydoll dress sitting on the front page of Etsy for thousands to notice. (in Etsy land this is huge, considering there are approx 100,ooo sellers on there)

I think I rang everyone, and can I just say the people that didn't know much about Etsy, just thought I had lost the plot altogether, I was very incoherrent at the time! Must have sounded like a crazy woman at 9 in the morning babbling bout front woojamacallits and such.

Well the traffic to my shop was tremendous and the congratulations were flying through the air amongst my fellow etsy community. I think that was my 5 mins of fame. I can rest in peace now!! lol



Bethany said...

Just found you through etsy and had to compliment you on your great line of clothing as well as the front page feature on etsy! YAY! I would be excited myself if it were me :)

designs by bonzie said...

bethany, thanks for dropping by and being so sweet, I was shocked to be on front page, very excited.
must check out your store too!!!

Ulla said...

Your work is wonderful! Do you know: ? Their work reminds me a bit of yours... Very Very creative!

designs by bonzie said...

wow, what a compliment, thank you for liking my work, Gibbous are wonderful, very talented indeed. I wan't to be her when I grow up! lol
*I am older than her*
love your blog Ulla, one of my regulars! xx

femputer said...

congrats on the front page!