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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ethereal elegance!!

So today I was checking out some of my favourite blogs and low and behold here was 2 of my pieces on as some of deb and wendys' favourites ! I was totally blown away, its such a great surprise to come upon your own work around the online community. is a super chic, super informative blog on all things handmade and indie and totally worth a visit, in fact totally worth becoming a regular!!
check it out.


beornica said...


Lissa said...

I freaking LOVE this dress!! It is so totally me!! You did an awesome "reconstruct" It's fantabulous!

designs by bonzie said...

thanks beornica for the beautiful treasury , I left you a comment too!x thanks so much for including me.

I love that you like the dress. Would be perfect running through a field of sunflowers on a summers afternoon wouldn't it!! lol