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"Bonzie" is an Independent Irish Design Label with Romantic Vintage Appeal. Aunt and Niece, design duo, Ger and Yvonne work on their creative passion from their studios in Ireland.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bonzie Bags!

Its been a good week for my etsy shop! Thanks to my gorgeous pal Ira on etsy, one of my pieces made the front page again!!! Its a really fab feeling to have the spotlight on your shop for a wee while and its always great for traffic too! I was away for the weekend and when I returned my etsy buddy Blake had taken a screenshot of the frontpage for me!! (it doesn't get much sweeter than that!! ) For those of you who are not members of etsy, thats the general community spirit that exists between members from all over the world and its wonderful!
This week I have been working on some custom orders for the etsy shop and I was thrilled to send of the gorgeous bag above to SimplySusan! Sue just left me off to design a mystery bag, she gave me a rough idea of colour and then let me loose, my favourite type of client! (Thanks Sus!)

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