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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bridal anyone???

Ok, so I decided to pop a few of my bridal pieces into my etsy shop ( for the sheer joy of fluffing it up a little! ) I am totally aware that its impossible to sell an higher end items over the net and especially something as special as a wedding dress, because lets face it , that baby needs a lot of fitting before the wedding day! But I thought it would be a nice element to add to the shop just to show a little of what can be done with that particular victorian/steampunk style and not being afraid to introduce a few frayed edges (sacre coeur!) into a wedding gown! (well why not!)

An etsy pal Rubyclover asked me how did I get that ethereal quality to the photos and to be quite honest Rubes, (nothing to do with camera, or photoshop) I think its the venue! They were shot in a renovated lepers hospital here in Ireland and I think that foggy dewy atmosphere is more about the fact that its haunted and nothing else! Mwah ahaha! (am I too late for Halloween?)


femputer said...

Those are gorgeous! And it does look like you did some special photography magic on these!

designs by bonzie said...

Hi Fem, thanks so much! Its deffo the Ghouls for sure!!! ;)

Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

Awesome pieces, bonz!

- susan