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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

DIY City Mag is coming!!!!

The Fab Blogging duo Deb and Wendy from "DIY Thing" have announced the the much anticipated arrival of there new indie magazine DIY City Magazine! I am so excited to see publications like these popping up as it just further emphasised the growing trend towards independent design and living and away from mass production and commercialism!!!! yay, all good news for independent designers such as myself! Deb and Wendy had this to say about its approach....................

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is an idea that has always had adherents of varying commitment. But, today more than ever, DIYs are defining style. The current indie craft revolution is one indication that independent artists are offering real alternatives to mass produced items. DIY City is an online magazine that celebrates the independent artist and the DIY spirit. The idea for the mag grew out of a need to find arts and crafts supplies and resources in New York City. Launching on February 1, 2008, our first issue will highlight NYC themed products. We will also bring you an inside look at some indie designers living and working in New York. DIY City will be a guide for indie artists searching for resources and supplies. Each issue will highlight a different, exciting DIY city. In the second issue, we will focus on New Orleans. In the meantime, as you wait for the next issue, we will bring you stories of DIYs from around the globe.

So to visit the gals over at the new mag go to for all things Indie, Design and down right brilliant!!! lol

xx Congrat Deb and Wendy xxx

wishing you gals every success!


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