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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Latest Couture Creation.

This corset is one of my latest couture creations for a special client! Its made from red raw silk and is broken up with some black charcoal tweed and highly embellished with lace, beads, buttons and french knots!

Its been hectic in the studio today, I got an explosion of activity in my etsy shop this morning after my couture scarfs were featured on the front page!!! it was so exciting to see all the buzz, only thing now is the deadlines that follow!! :)

so its all systems go at the mo and I have enlisted my sewing pal to give me a hand, and for company while I crack up in the studio!!! lol


Constant Dreamer said...

BEAUTIFUL! Amazing work.
Congras on front page exposure, too. :)

SimplySusan said...

Breathtaking, bonzie. One of your best pieces!

flutterbyblue said...

This piece is GORGEOUS!!! Love the red/black colors and fabulous texture!

irreverentmama said...

I found you on etsy and followed you here. I love, love, love your stuff. I love that tattered chic skirt, and I ADORE your corsets. Do you do custom work?