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Sunday, April 27, 2008

New York, New York! Part 1

So............where to begin describing my recent adventure to New York City! it was exactly that, I Adventure!
I have so much to tell you all about that I have decided to do it in a few parts. I am going to describe the highlights in bullet point format as to keep from rambling on (as I often do once excited about something! lol)

* Note to self ~ Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT try to bleach your own hair the night before you fly out. yes my friends, its true the very worst that could possibly happen any blonde the night before her holidays! A bleaching accident. I was doing it myself to save on time and money and all I managed to gain was a big curly mop of yellow hair. did you get that guys Y E L L O W. it was the colour of a little chicklet and my face was the colour of snow when I saw it. No hairdressers opened that late at night and no time in the morning to get it fixed. So there I was hysterical the night before our big adventure and my bf and his mum plastering tomato kethup all over my hair in an effort to take the sting out of it! Well lets just say I got a lot of interesting looks at the airport, no doubt people were trying to figure out which starship enterprise I had just come down from. I had decided (mostly without choice) to embrace the yellow fro and head off and enjoy my vacation! But it was an interesting start to a week that got even more strange!

* The flight was lovely ( coming from someone who is petrified of flying) they just filled the time by playing nice movies and feeding us quite regularly. what more could a girl ask for! It was blissful to have to spend those hours without a phone, without work, without anything really, so I have decided now that I rather enjoy flying!

* Upon arriving at our hotel the receptionist informs me that I have this point Im looking at my bf in sheer shock wondering what the F%&*. I was really thrown by this, kind of expecting to be pretty anonymous in New York having travelled halfway round the world to get there! But alas, it was my very clever, resourceful office buddies who had sent me a birthday card to the hotel I was staying BEFORE I had even left Ireland! And they managed to find a card in Waterford, Ireland with a fabulous picture of an awesome building called the Flat Iron in New York, a building I was later to find myself sitting in front of and giggling at the sheer ingenuity of my office buddies! It was to be a lovely gesture to start the week!

* The first night there we made the subway journey into Manhattan to get a taste of the big city. We were knackered after the travelling but somehow adrenalin kicks in and your ready for everything once your excited.

* After the 2 day of absolutely walking me arse off I had to give into buying very dull but oh so comfortable soft walking shoes (the kind I wouldn't be caught dead in at home, and the kind of pair that are already covered in shite and paint from using them to diy with as soon as we got home) however, these ugly foot thingy where to become my best friends that week and all glamour was chucked out the window having realised just how much walking we did on a daily basis. On some days we would calculate that we had been walking non stop for 7 hours, that this deserved a trip back to the hotel for a nap and a wash before heading back out that night for another excursion! Im pretty sure we should have gotten a few sponsorships card filled out before we embarked on such lengthy walking adventures as many people have raised funds for less effort!! lol

* We ended up eating lots over there too as there was so much choice and we were so keen on trying so many things that meal times became quite plentiful over there! Even to the extent that my dear bf commented one evening that the ol BM's where making quite a regular appearance! that made me laugh as I had to agree with him too. I questioned whether perhaps it was the change in water, or the pressure of the air in the air cabin, (deluding myself of course) to which he laughed and replied, as only he could, " For feck sake, I don't suppose its all the eatin were doin, no ?" guess it makes sense, what goes in must come out right! lol

I will keep posting about my observations of NYC but for now, just know that it was an awesome trip with much fun to come.

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