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"Bonzie" is an Independent Irish Design Label with Romantic Vintage Appeal. Aunt and Niece, design duo, Ger and Yvonne work on their creative passion from their studios in Ireland.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Variety is the Spice of MY life!

One of the things I adore about being a designer is the variety in my life. I love how I can be making a mother of the bride outfit one day and the next day, grappling with thousands of diamantes on a dance costume. Well this week was a week of a first of a kind (if you get me meaning)

I was asked by a super nice etsian to create something "in my signature style" for a doll! I have to say making something in minature is a bit of a challenge for me , its as if my brain is used to one dimension of spacial awareness and sizing! I gave it a lash as I firmly believe challenges are there to push the boundries as a designer and sometimes the results are surprising.

I tried to keep it very whimsical and romantic. ;)


Babelfish said...

I love the layering of different fabrics and embellishments. Beautiful!

Ulla said...

Bonzie! This is so wonderful!!! I love it. I hope we get to see the doll dressed some day, will your buyer show us? Your style is pure whimsy!!!

Clare said...

Quite beautiful - your creations are gorgeous!

Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

This is super adorable bonz!! I could actually picture my little Sophie wearing this. Would make a great "couture" toddler dress. :D

A bird in the hand said...

You did good, girlita!
Very good!

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Deb Silva said...


designs by bonzie said...

Thanks so much you guys! Its lovely to get so many nice comments, rather medicinal!!
so thanks for the positive feedback everyone.