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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Antiquated Tattered Loveliness!

More tattered loveliness of the corsage variety, available here!

These corsages would lend very well to bridal and especially if you have bridesmaids! If your looking for a set made in any size or colour let me know, I can custom make these to your specifics. ;)


Wendy said...

those are absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow!

designs by bonzie said...

Thanks so much Wendy!
I really enjoy making these! I am really indulging in the time worn aesthetic at the moment . ;)

Im glad you like them.

Kreativlink said...

Oh wow! They look wonderful!

ira said...

gorgeous bonzie, the way you make it make them looks so beautiful!

Deanne said...

i just had to say, i found your gorgeous works of art whilst surfing round etsy, everything is just super gorgeous and im drooling over all of it... will keep popping back for more drool sessions. :) x

ingermaaike said...

Gorgeous flower!

persephonesawakening said...

that's lovely! i would buy it for my bridesmaids if i was getting married. but alas, i'm single.

i am, however, coming over to ireland in september! can you share any advice with me? I'll be living there anywhere from 2 months to a year.