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Monday, June 9, 2008


HI guys,

I have decided its about time to give back to my regular blog readers!! I am hosting a competition to give away the regal tatter cuff above! I am not even going to promote this anywhere other than my blog as I would like for the peeps who check in with my blog to have the best chance of winning.

The winner will get the exact cuff from my etsy shop that is pictured above and I will send it out by Irish Post to anywhere in the world ;)

To enter simply leave a comment in this post and I will be putting all the names into a hat and pulling one out at random! I will pull out the winners name in a week from this post!

best of luck guys! ;)




flutterbyblue said...

Ooooh! I *adore* your cuffs! I am in love with the gorgeous custom designed scarf so I can only imagine how beautiful the rest of your pieces must look in person!

designs by bonzie said...

HI C!!!
So glad to see you here, and best of luck with the competition!! ;)

Kelly said...

I love you work and have been reading you through Google Reader! That cuff looks awesome and I can't wait to order a jacket and a corset!

maggiegracecreates said...

Not only your cuff are in my favorites list - I have not found one of your creations that I do not like.

I posted a link over to your tattered neckwear today on my blog - hope that is okay.

Have a wonderful day.

designs by bonzie said...

Thanks for entering, Kelly and Maggie! ;)

And of course, by all means link away M! chuffed!!

Steff said...

What a great reason to sign up a user name to leave comments! I've been reading your blog since I discovered you on Etsy. And now everyone can know how I feel about your work! :) I absolutely love this beautiful cuff, just like everything else your genius mind comes up with. Cheers!

designs by bonzie said...

Glad your signed up Steff!!! Bloggin is great, super community too!
Thanks so much for your kind words. xxxx

Megan said...

I absolutely love all of your work!

Carrie said...

I love your cuffs! I found my way here by MaggieGraceCreates, and I love your work. 'Specially your jackets. I'm longing for one of my own.

designs by bonzie said...

Thanks Megan and Carrie! I wish you both luck in the competition. ;)

thanks for entering.

Yummymummy said...

Me too,me too Bonz! I thinks I love your work...LOL

Fab idea!

A bird in the hand said...

Oh my gosh!
Yes, please!!!

Mind you, I have a neck piece in mind; I'll order one when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I hope you've been sending out those press releases. The world needs to SEE your gorgeousness.

Wendy said...

Oh, that's gorgeous!
Thanks for doing this :)

I Heart That! Dance said...

Yay! I *heart* your cuffs and this one is especially gorgeous.

*fingers crossed :D*

Star of the East said...

All your creations are gorgeous, I would love to have that cuff!!! :)

kraplap said...

Hi Bonzie; I had never heard of steampunk before; great article ! I saw you as an Victorian designer (like this beautiful cuff), but now I know I have to cal it steampunk !

RedBessBonney said...

Your cuff is gorgeous, Bonzie!


Maddie Can Fly said...

I too am in awe of all your cuffs and your other work. I hope you add my name to the drawing.

The Feathered Nest said...

Bonzie this is enchanting!!! Please enter my name into your kind of you! xxoo, Dawn

SilnLuna said...


Love your stuff!

Truly inspirational.

Myrna said...

ooooh! I just found your blog via The Feathered Nest--I just started a blog about a month ago an am having so much fun meeting people. I LOVE your blog AND your creations! I'm thrilled to be in time to enter in your giveaway!
Come visit me sometime!!

Dorthe said...

Your cuffs and everything else are absolutely fantastic, and I love your neckwear-- I would love to wear your art. Please enter me in the giveaway and thanks.

Christine said...

Your work is beautiful! Adore the cuff :)

A pixie named Leanan said...

And I still have to get some neck decoration in blue from you.
I loved your creations from the moment I discovered you first here and then on Etsy.

And now off to knit in public rain...

Anna van Scheppingen said...

I love all of your designs so much and am so happy i discovered you!
I have never seen anything like it in the Netherlands. Of course i would be thrilled to win these beautiful cuffs :)

aLuminousSpark said...

Just discovered your shop today, through another favorites, favorites on Etsy :-)

Here's hoping my name gets pulled out of that hat for this lovely cufflet...


miss milki said...

ooo! Its gorgeous! Hope I'm not too late!

dinafragola said...

Sooo pretty! I love giveaways ;)

dindi said...

I LOVE your work and this cuff is just gorgeous!