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Monday, June 16, 2008


So the result is in...............

And heres how it went.... I wrote down all the names of entries onto a piece of paper and cut them all out and straight into a jar! Before I pulled one out I made a positive affirmation (im a keen believer in Karma and the Law of Attraction, as per "The Secret" Philosophy), I asked that the person pulled out be in need of a nice surprise and a bit of cheering up today.

Well heres the winner guys...

A bird in the hand

Thanks to everyone for entering! its been fun. Keep a check in for more offers coming soon. ;)


A bird in the hand said...

Bonzie, I am speechless!!!! Don't worry I'll think of something to say. Meanwhile, THANK YOU!!!

Yummymummy said...

Congrats Bird in the hand.....ENJOY!!!
Karma is indeed a wonderful thing :))

SimplySusan said...

Congrats "bird"! :D