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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crash and burn!

So lately things have become somewhat hectic in bonzie land and being the workaholic that I am, I just went along with the storm for the ride! However, I have the kind of personality (having seen this happen on numerous occasions) that runs on adrenalin, appears very hyper to my friends and family around me and seems to be steamrolling ahead until........ka dunk!

I burn out!

Thankfully my burn out was yesterday, on a Sunday and I was able to vegetate for the day to recharge the batteries. I had the strangest headache too, which I don't really suffer from so I just had to give in and take the day off! Days off are not something that sit very well with me especially since my studio is only yards away from my house! At any one time I can be looking at a list of custom orders waiting to be done and its very easy to come up with a reason to work every hour of the day!

I feel recharged though and Im ready to take on another batch of manicness before the next chill out session! lol (will a girl never learn) As my father once pointed out, "you do your best work when your under pressure" ...........darn it!

So on a positive note amidst the madness I have been coming up with some new products for the shop which I am very excited about. I hope you stay tuned to see some of these babies appear over the next month! ;)



Steff said...
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Steff said...

oh goodness, you sound too much like me. you need to schedule yourself a regular day off or two every once in a while for your recharge. if you wait to crash, chances are you'll need more than one day to recover. don't burn yourself out bonz - it's well worth the wait if your beautiful creations take a bit longer to be completed!!!

RubyClover said...

Absolutely, you know your whole system gets out of whack when ya do that to yourself!

I love seeing all your lovely creations, but take care of the lovely lady first!!!


...and for the love of christ, pick my name in the next giveaway! Hmph! Pthlpthlpthl :P