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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A grey Day!

So today is a grey day in so many ways! Its been raining non stop for the last 2 days (and yes I left the laundry hanging out on the line yesterday!) seriously though, designers shouldn't have to do domestics right????? I never saw Carrie Bradshaw stressing out over a precipitation party coming down on her whites out on the clothes line! ;(

On another Grey front, I leave you with the latest custom order in the shop right now. A Grey muted toned neck adornment for the fabulous Fringe of etsy! ;)


A bird in the hand said...

It's a grey day here too. We had the rain last week, so thankfully it's dry.
I saw this gorgeousness in your Etsy shop. When I order mine it will be taupe and ivory *wink*.
Love, Colette

The Feathered Nest said...

Omygoodness....I love this beautiful grey piece!!! Your flowers are beautiful as well...just magical, xxoo, Dawn

designs by bonzie said...

Thanks so much Colette and Dawn!!!!
brings a smile on a Sunday morning. ;)

RubyClover said...

I'm madly in love with this!!

Susan's got the right idea with having a purse made with all these same elements.

*love it*

Lisa M. said...

This grey neckpiece is gorgeous!!! You're creative mind is definitely working overtime!

Love It!!!

TTYL and Big Hugs,