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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plum Masquerade!

So I have been very busy in the studio this week with a big custom order. A super client of mine on etsy suggested that we go for a venetian jacket with an edgier twist! Instead of the usual cream brocade we went for a rich plum! After 3 dyeing attempts (and a bag full of nerves) the last batch came out the most perfect rich plum, yet still looked vintage and antique. Quite often brighter colours don't lend well to getting that authentic old aesthetic so I kept going until the colour passed the ancient test! ;)

My client has a flair for design herself and even submitted fashion sketchs of her proposal including the most amazing fleur de lis scroll pattern for the back! This is now my favourite part of the jacket as it has brought a whole new embellishment to the forefront that I never would have thought of!

I am also awaiting a shipment of swarovski crystals to adorn the back and these will also be added once they arrive in Ireland! No doubt I will need a good movie to watch whilst doing those by hand! eek!

Note: those of you who have not seen the post below I am running a giveaway cometition for a gorgeous cuff if you fancy entering scroll down below to comment. ;)

competition ends tomorrow so this is your last chance saloon! lol




susarto said...

you have outdone yourself....AGAIN!!!!

the jacket is GORGEOUS bonz!

ArtMind said...

Stunning work Bonzie - how much patience do you have? :)

Yummymummy said...

FANTABULOUS bONZIE....LOVIN THE 'fleur de lis' too, works really well with the jacket...IMHO :))

A bird in the hand said...

The jacket is plum gorgeous (pun intended!!!). The colour is delicious, you could almost top it with whipped cream and eat it.


ingermaaike said...

That is the most utterly stunningly gorgeous jacket ever! Well done!

A pixie named Leanan said...

It's wonderful! Simply wonderful!

Kelly said...

That really is amazing, Bonzie! I'm keeping that in mind for when I order!What a gorgeous color and the embellishments are awesome!