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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lace Delicacy!

This is a piece that I was commissioned to make for a lovely bride to be on etsy. I have never come accross these fingerless lace gloves before and I was really interested in giving them a shot! I really enjoyed working on these, what can I say the lady loves lace! they are the perfect balance of feminine delicacy with a touch of punk bride if you ask me ! Really awesome idea and glad I gave them a whirl. ;)




The Feathered Nest said...

Bonzie!! This is heavenly!!! I love this idea ~ it looks so very formal yet fairy-like to me. Just beautiful. xxoo, Dawn

Star of the East said...

yummmm yummmmm these are gorgeous!!!

A pixie named Leanan said...

I think you have outdone yourself. Well, if this is possible, but these are extraordinary stunning! I'd love to see the complete bride to be in these!

Kelly said...

Wow Bonzie, that's amazing! That would have been perfect with my wedding dress! Now I'll have to find another reason to order one!

Kelly Darke said...

your work is gorgeous! I just came across your Etsy shop since one of your pieces in on the front page. I absolutely love your style and combination of materials and colors and textures... sincerely, Kelly

designs by bonzie said...

Thanks guys,
I really appreciate it!! I had no idea there was a market for these cuties until a bride approached me to have one made. I think they are awesome too and I actually enjoyed making it!

Kelly, not sure if you get this message but I wanted to thank you for letting me know about Jen Gotch, I have been in touch and everything is ready to go!! ;)
thanks ever so much.

Kelly D, thanks for you sweet words on encouragement, I had no idea I was on the front page this week? Im wondering what it was!! lol

A bird in the hand said...

...and it doesn't jave to be just for a wedding ;-)

I would wear it/them any time! xoxo

TiffanyJane said...

Woweeeee, you did an Excellent job, again Gorgeous!!!