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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bridal Wear

Some of the recent etsy custom orders have been all about that special day! I was really fortunate to work with some really great gals on pieces designed in collaboration with each of them to come up with something unique to wear with both stunning dresses.

If it had not been for these lovely brides requesting such items I don't know if I would have ever got around to trying them for myself, so Im thankful for the input from clients too, its always the driving force for new and exciting products. ;)




A Pixie named Leanan said...

You make me want to get married again...

But I already found the best person I could have married, married him and if I can help it it's going to stay that way :-)

nyxcreations said...

The top one is enchanting!

Catherine said...

@a pixie named leanan: well, marry him again :P

Flower Power said...

I love the bridal wrap and hope my viewers are enchanted by your creations.

SimplySusan said...

oh bonz, this is beautiful! so romantic and elegant. I'd wear this anytime!