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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Notice anything??

Hi guys,
Havn't had a chance to update lately, since the wee injury I had a backlog of everything and an amazing photo shoot for an Irish Bridal magazine on Sunday so had to focus on studio work recently.
Dont fret though guys, I have lots of news coming up, I am bustin to blurt it all out but sometimes you have to wait for the events or things to happen before you can blog about it.
I wanted to share something really awesome with you all above. Imogen Heap keeps the nicest video blog on youtube and this weeks one sees her sporting no less then 3 pieces from "Bonzie". Its so exciting to see the work in real life on such an icon as Imogen Heap. I really respect her as an artist first and foremost and have a watch of the video she is such a fabulous person too!
My partner bought her album for us as we had a long distance to travel to the photoshoot cross country and it played in the car for the entire trip, it was befitting the scenery too, we were travelling over the Ring of Kerry in Ireland , through majestic mountains and lakes as the sun went down on a bright sunny day, I couldn't think of a more suitable soundtrack! Check out her music it rocks. Very atmospheric.


A Pixie named Leanan said...

Seriously, how grand is that? Do you know who bought them for her? You see, they can be worn over an elegant evening dress or teamed up with a cool shirt. The lady has style ;-)
I love what she played out of Canvas, can't wait to hear more.

Make sure you get some rest sometimes, a wee cup of tea (still want to see the rest of your kitchen, I'm a kitchen fan) and a stroll in the autumn air. And no tripping, falling, banging heads or stuff like that, it's not good for health and sanity :-)

Kelly said...

Thanks Bonzie! I love Imogen, and I've been hoping for a video blog to listen to while I work! That's so cool that Imogen is wearing your line. It totally makes sense for her style. It's nice to see how your cool wraps can be integrated with non-bridal clothes. Now I want one of those, too!

Stay well! Can't wait to see what you're up to!

Kelly Darke said...

that is awesome! my husband just introduced me to the music of Imogen Heap a few months ago - I think he'll be interested in the blog...

A bird in the hand said...

Congratulations (again!!) and I know I will be saying that over and over. I did a long trip around the Ring of Kerry years ago and wrote about it in a Canadian travel magazine. It was magical and for once, the weather cooperated.


Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

Yay! Super cool and your work is so incredibly beautiful, I'm glad to see you get such a shout out from -- wow -- Imogen Heap (who I love)!

Love Retro Colour said...

It's always fun seeing someone else wearing your design in person. Beside Imogene had your light blue wrap on, wasn't there another wrap sitting on one of her chairs, was it?


designs by bonzie said...

Pixie, Im a clumsy clutz at the best of times, seem to have a balance issue! lol
Immogen purchased the pieces herself, she was so lovely to deal with!

gals thanks as always for the wonderfully supportive comments ;)

Detective Retro!!! well spotted mrs, she had in fact 3 of our pieces with her at the time! which is very cool.

Aevan Arts said...

wow, that's awesome! I love Imogen Heap and your stuff is perfect for her.

RubyClover said...

And now that the cool weather is here, I get to wear my 2 lovely Bonzerella scarfy neck thingies as well. Roll on autumn!

*hmmm will I ask for another for Smax?*

SimplySusan said...

Bonz! How awesome! I bet you feel like a big ole celebrity now, eh? Or at least like a couturier to the stars. :) That is so cool that she showed off what she bought! :D Congrats girl, you deserve it!