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Friday, November 21, 2008

Confetti Shoot!

Guys, there is great excitement around here lately as the fairytale bridal photo shoot that we were a part of a wee while back in that gorgeous Parkinasilla Hotel location up in Kerry has come out this week. We were really looking forward to seeing the spread in the magazine but what we didn't account for was the fact that the bridal magazine chose one of our bridal ensembles for the front page too!!! I can't even describe how special the day was when I went up and purchased my own copy of the mag ( in fact I think the lady on the till was probably wondering what that strange look on my face was when I was paying for it, I wanted so badly to blurt out to her that it was our clothing on the front! the poor girl. lol)

The whole shoot was based on fairytale bridal theme, its was really romantic and magical, it came out really fab, the stylist and photographer involved were only fabulous too.
We wanted to share the excitement with you guys and I took some pics from the actual magazine itself. All in all a nice week for us. xx
Bonzie & Ger


Lenita said...

Gorgeous Bonzie! I must have a look through it in a newsagents! What beautiful pieces. You must be delighted. I hope you get lots of commissions:) Have a great weekend.

A Pixie named Leanan said...

Well done, Bonzie and Ger!
I also like the Alice idea very much, it reminds one of my favourite stories and inspirations and I now have the song by Jefferson Airplane stuck in my head.

Now - where does one get the coffee mug? Finally a decent size...

Kelly said...

Congrats, Bonzie and Ger! It's so great to see you and your talents succeeding!

Beautiful shoot and dresses!

Rosie said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

emma lamb said...

Congratulations, it looks fantastic!

Ederafaerie said...

Congrats Bonzie and Ger!--the dresses look just beautiful! What wonderful publicity :)

Paul and Laura said...

Oh my! That is amazing - and what beautiful images! Be sure to get a bunch of copies from the publisher!!!

beornica said...


I'm so happy for you!!!! That's terrific!!!

Britas said...

CONGRATS! That's really amazing, what a beautiful shoot!

susarto said...

wow! omg!!! congratulations! it looks gorgeous! the whole thing!!!
btw...i have sitting next to me the belle armoire mag with you on the cover too!!!

lookit bonz! all famous and stuff :D

best of luck my dear!!!

grrr...i couldn't sign in to leave the comment!!! argh!!!!