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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its all about the champagne!

Here is a couple of shots from a really lovely bridal commission for a very special Andrea on etsy. Andrea shared some of her wedding plans with us and we spent an afternoon swooning over her venue, dress and church. When Andrea is done being a bride Im pretty sure the wedding planning industry will be coming a knockin! ;)

The set was made from stunning champagne raw silk fabric, well..... one would ask, what else? :)
If you would like to order a bridal bag in your own color simply send us a message with your order.



susarto said...

pure class bonz!

Yummymummy said...

Mmmmmmm, makes me wanna do it all over again :)

Paul and Laura said...

Fab bag! Love it!

Olviya said...

fabulous bag!