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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Treasury Thank Yous!

We were very fortunate over the christmas to see some really gorgeous treasurys on the front page of including some of our pieces. In fact one night while I was sleeping, I awoke at 4 in the morning and felt an urge to check our etsy shop online, I snuck into the kitchen and turned on my little Itouch (IPod) where I was able to log on straight away without making too much noise in the house, and low and behold there was one of our pieces on the front page just as I logged on. I tell you my ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) was in full swing that night! lol In facct that happens now and again, I will get an overwhelming urge to check in online at the most inconvenient of times only to find a nice surprise there that I might have missed otherwise!

We wanted to personally thank those that regularly support our work and include us in their treasuries on etsy. Huge thanks to Talula, Spelfenmeisje and JealousyDesign for the awesome collections above that made it onto the front page this month. :)

A wee thank you token is on its way to you all. xxx

bonzie & ger


OutsaPop said...

Let´s face it, you´re items just look perfect and made for "front pages" :D Next stop Vogue Italia!

designs by bonzie said...

Wow thanks so much outsapop,
Thats a very flattering comment coming from a peer as edgy as you! your pieces are awesome.;)


RubyClover said...

Bonz, it's either ESP or the fact that everybody loves your stuff so much that they're in 95% of treasuries nowadays! I think at least once a day one of us says "Bonzie FP alert".


Spelfenmeisje said...

You're very welcome! Your items are great! Hope to see lots more of them this year :)

A Hot Pink Petticoat said...

I too see a lot of your work when I log into etsy :)