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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adios Custom Orders!

As you gals may have noticed in our shop announcements we have decided to finally cut the custom orders section in our etsy shop. We were really blown away by the response to this kind of service but it also got really overwhelming and began to take over the original idea of our wee enterprise which is to bring unique and eclectic pieces to our customers and keep the shop fresh and constantly moving. The custom orders took over whilst we created pieces for client specifications all over the world. Its now time to return to our first love which is "designing" and get back to our own collection of work.

With this in mind we had such a long list of custom orders already booked in we will probably take about a month to complete all the orders left before we can fully jump into designing new works and bringing the more popular pieces into stock for shoppers to purchase, should it catch their eye.

Above pictured is one of the most recent custom orders for one of our etsy clients, and underbust corset with a steampunk twist in gorgeous Irish charcoal tweed and lots besides. ;)

Thanks to all our previous custom order clients, it was lovely getting to know you all and I hope you manage to find new pieces to cherish in the new collections coming soon.

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