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Sunday, May 10, 2009

We are still here!

Hi Gals,
We have been missing in action for a wee while now and the blog has tumbleweed rolling across the screen. Its been a really busy time recently and some very exciting projects took centre stage for the last couple of weeks. Heres what we have been up to of late,
* One of our pieces will be part of an Irish Photo Shoot for an up and coming new Irish Band and will be featured on their album cover ( will be sure to share this later on when the pics come out officially )

* We have been finishing up the last of the neverending custom list that we needed to complete having closed up the custom orders side of things in March, some of these last items included wedding dresses, communion dresses and multiple bridal packages so it was all hands on deck! Hope to share some of the client pics from these commissions later on in the year. :)

* The biggest time consumer of late is the preperation for a really exciting online event coming very soon! Its all a bit top secret for now but will be chuffed to share it when its launched.

* last week we sent a box of ruffled goodies to the editor of "Irish Brides" magazine for an upcoming feature so hopefully there will be some published pics to share with you then too.

* We were also invited to send out some statement pieces to Belle Amoire, Haute Handbags and Altered Couture Magazines by the fabulously creative Stampington and Co publishing house in California.

* On top of that we have been trying to keep on top of our regular etsy sales too over the last few weeks so its been a whole frenzy of busyness here lately.

* Tomorrow we go on a Photoshoot with renowned Irish photographer Shane O'Neill to a haunted house and cliffside location so that should be fun,if a little unerving, all at once!

As Im typing, I can't help but think........ ( in my best Carrie Bradshaw exit ) ......
wouldn't life be wonderful with some staff!!! ;)
On the personal side of things, this summer is like the film, "4 weddings and a funeral!"
We have a communion, a christening, a wedding, a hen party weekend, our own birthdays, wedding anniversarys, partners birthdays, kids birthdays, friends 30th birthdays, friends birthday parties..................... the list goes on for quite a bit. lol
Ive never had a year like it, EVER! I think it might be time to invest in 2 Ger and Bonzie clones! ;)

In Style.......
Bonzie & Ger
Check out the shop for stock updates,


Steff said...

How exciting!

I volunteer to be the first Bonz/Ger clone! Sign me up!

Paula A said...

That's great news guys, well done. Glad to see that all your hard work is paying off!

A bird in the hand said...

Let me know when you're hiring! I'll be right over, and there would be no pesky government paperwork either -- hahaha!

I like the haunted house idea......


Phenomena Jewelry and Art said...

I hope you will be making more handbags! I really covet the corpse bride handbag for my wedding!