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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Say Hello!!!!!!!


We have a new addition to the family who wants to say hi! :)

Gilly is our very first pet and she is wee miniature "Yorky". Ive been skyping home to show my folks our newest little one and dad is calling her my new brooch. It seems everytime I go on the laptop she clambers up onto my shoulder and all the other person can see on the skype video call is a wee black ball of fluff with two little beady eyes looking back at them sitting on my shoulder!

Lets hope she likes ruffles and stuff coz soon as time permits Im gonna be decking her out in some bonzie specials. ;)


Katoo l'artiste said...

She is the most adorable thing ever!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

I can imagine her outfits will be gorgeous, congrats on your new addition, Krumpet is my yorkie who can be found all over my blog!

susarto said...

oh bonz! she's so cute!!!!! :D

Magatha-May said...

She is beautiful.

You can see our new addition too here

Epp said...

Gosh, what a cute little creature! Can't wait to see the new puppy accessories. I love your brand, I honestly think yours is one of the coolest shops on Etsy!

Greetings from Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
Epp from KOOP de grace

Cat said...

Wow...hi Gilly! What a cutie patootie:) and sure to be the best dressed doggie on the block!

Buffy Leigh said...

Sooo adorable! And I love her name. So jealous. :)

Darkmoonjewelry said...

how cute! I'm sure she will be an able assistant!

Allyson from Vancouver said...

That is just the cutest doggie ever! :)

I can just picture little Gilly in her couture wrap (bet she looks better in hers than I do in mine!:)


Nu said...

Aww bless her she's adorable! I have a cat that sits on my shoulder and types on the keyboard! I love animals they make a house a home!! enjoy!

amanda said...

oh boy! she is tooooo cute! i have a morkie, maltese-yorkie mix, that looks pretty much like her. he's almost 6months old though, but he only weighs 3.5 lbs and wont get much bigger. i love these dogs. so adorable!

A bird in the hand said...

Oh oh oh, what an adorable little face! I love her! xoxoxo