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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Up for Sale Now!!!

Gals, we had a huge response to popping this piece back into store, even though it was reserved for one of our clients. We are offering it up on a first come first serve basis in our shop today as it needs a new home for Christmas and hasn't found the right size gal to sit on just yet. :)

Size = US size 6-8 ( UK size 10)

We had so many requests for this particular piece, so rather than going through everyones measurements we have decided to offer it up to whomever would like to purchase it, giving a suitable fit. :)

In Style...
bonzie & ger


Beth said...

Bonzie, I love this! And the corset too. I really like how you pair your items. What an eye!

Abbey said...

ohmigod. that's an AWESOME dress!!

Debra said...

I just found your blog and I will be back to visit. I have always loved your designs on ETSY.

brendan said...

Nice designs Bonzie-good to see your doing so well. Good luck with everything!