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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back on Home Turf

What an adventure!!! I'm back from my girls trip to Vegas , needless to say there was all sorts of shenanigans, none of which quite make it through the blog filter so we shall say it was a wonderful experience and one which I won't be forgetting anytime soon. :)

There's a few tumbleweeds sweeping through the blog at the moment as I have been busy this week catching up on orders and correspondence. I got back to a few lovely emails from clients who have been busy rocking their bonzie pieces out and about. I'm gonna post the pics over the rest of the week to share them with you too.
The first of those to hit our inbox and bring a smile into our day was our gorgeous bride Carolina who recently married her sweetheart and chose a bonzie Venetian wrap to compliment her gown. I love the couture look of the overall ensemble and I absolutely adore this picture, what a gorgeous couple!

Congrats to Carolina and her handsome new hubbie!
bonzie & ger


My Republic of Fashion said...

I absolutely love all the designs you create. Unfortunately, I wont be getting married any time soon, but a a girl can only wish for that bolero.:)

Debra said...

I'm glad you girls are back. I know you had fun and are probably glad to be back home.

Carolina said...

Wow this was soo sweet of you! I love your work!!!