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Monday, May 31, 2010

A hectic Week!

What a week and its only just Monday so far.

We took a trip to Kilkenny at the weekend to visit the new boutique "Smoking Lily" on Kieran's St. It's going to be an absolutely intriguing style haven with a mixture of treasures all under the one roof. Stylista boutique owner Shona has a vision for her boutique with different areas showcasing, fashion exchange (where you can consign with Shona and bring in all your hidden fashion gems gathering dust in your wardrobe), an exclusive Vintage den, where Irish Vintage Brand "Perk Up" will keep you stocked up on stunning glamour from yesteryear, different sections dedicated to select Irish Designer and featuring yours truelly. Yes it's official gals, we are going to have our very first featured presence in a brick and mortar store! So now there will be a bonzie vendor where you can go and pick up a piece for your own wardrobe.

We will be stocking up on tatter tees, bags, accessories and much more over the coming weeks in anticipation for the offical launch at the end of the month. Hope to see you guys there. :)

ps. bring a smile, Shona is a doll and loves company!

Tomorrow Night my father will be launching his Photographic Exhibition in Cahir, Co.Tipperary so I am really looking forward to attending and blogging about that. I have already seen a few samples for the showcase and I was blown away by the pictures so far. Will keep you posted on how that goes. :) (ps. good luck Dad!!!, so proud of you!)

Friday Night I'm heading out to my pal Caz's theatre show in Waterford by Push Pull productions. Caz won a competition last year for scriptwriting and this weekend sees her play come to fruition in a gorgeous theatre venue in the City.

Saturday Night we are heading to Kilkenny for the launch of our pal Blainnead Hennessey's new commerical photographic studio "Shutterbug". An absolutely stunning venue for fashion/editorial/commercial photography run by brother and sister Blainnead ( Irish Interiors Writer and fame) and Eoin (Professional Irish Photographer).

Sunday Night ( this particular one is on a bank holiday so nobody has work on Monday) however I'm just pooped writing about this weeks shindigs, I can't imagine being up for a night out on Sunday too, however you never know how the weekend shapes up.

All this and a collection to be working on too, not to mention a very exciting project on the way!! More about that soon. :) Well a girls gotta keep busy. xxx


The Style Strutter said...

Wow your a busy bee:)!! xxx

kobens said...

And I live in Kilkenny, na na na nana! :D Cant wait to see your miracles