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Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Order Your Bonzie Bridal Bolero


Ethereal Light Baroque Wrap (note: this is not a bolero, it has an open back)

Click HERE for further pictures

Price: $69 (€54 approx)

Champagne Raw Silk Victorian Inspired Bolero (available in many shades)

Further Pictures HERE.

Price $146 (€115 approx)

Ivory Ruffled Silk Carina Bolero with Capped Sleeves ( many shades available)

Further Pics HERE

Price $186 (€146 approx)

Ivory Ruffled Silk Courtesan Bolero ( more shades available)

Further Pictures HERE

Price : $176 ( €138 approx)

Ivory Ruffled Silk Carina Bolero with Ruffled Sleeves ( more shades available)

Further Pictures HERE

Price : $186 ( €146 approx)

Ivory Victorian Inspired Silk Bridal Bolero ( more shades avaialable)

Further Pictures HERE
Price : $150 (€118)

The Ivory Carina Long Sleeved Bridal Bolero ( more shades available)

Further Pictures HERE

Price $198 ( €155)

White Victorian Inspired Bolero with Corsage Trio (more shades available)

Further Pictures HERE

Price: $166 ( €130 approx)

Ivory Fallen Angel Ruffled Bridal Chiffon Bolero (available in ivory/white/black)

Further Pictures HERE

Price: $176 (€138 approx)

Ivory Wedding Bolero De La Gabriella ( more shades available)

Further Pictures HERE

Price: $196 (€154 approx)

Gals, we have noticed a surge in brides getting in touch lately as a result of our recent National publicity. We have also seen a rise in emails/convos requesting more information on the ordering process so I figured it might be a good idea to run a detailed post on how to order your bonzie bridal bolero and hopefully to answer some of your frequently asked questions. ;)

You Can order your "bonzie bridal bolero" with us from our online store at

All the boleros listed are generally showcased in standard size US 6 (UK 10), so if you are lucky enough to be a standard size and find the bolero from our store that you like, simply click on the green "add to cart" button on the right hand side of the pictures and etsy will guide you through the checkout process in a few easy steps. However, if your keen to have a different size or want the same bolero but in a different shade then the Steps below should help you make that happen in time for your special day.

STEP 1. Choose the bolero style from our store that you want.
Proceed to checkout by clicking on the green button on the righthand side of the pictures that says "add to cart" , please don't worry about the size listed, you can simply leave us a note in the "message to seller" section of the checkout process that you require a different size and measurements are to follow. ( we supply from sizes 0-14 )

STEP 2. Provide your measurements via email or convo.

Heres a wee list of measurements that we would need to best ensure a good fit for your piece:
· Bust measurement in inches
· Bra size
· Clothing size ( specify US or UK sizing)
· Upper Back measurement ( see pic above titled UPPER BACK GUIDE)
STEP 3. Check that your address is correct.

We like to know that we are sending your package out to the correct address so if you think that your address is saved on your etsy or paypal account in any way incomplete, simply send us an email/convo to update us of your correct destination.

STEP 4. Put the feet up and wait, your bolero is on the way!

You should expect to receive your bolero within 1-2weeks of making your purchase. N.B, we will need to know your measurements promptly too if your in a hurry for your piece, as we won't be able to create your bolero unless you have provided these for us. :) When you purchased your bolero on etsy, you were charged a shipping/handling cost. This payment covers Irish Registered Post which allows online tracking so both the buyer and seller can follow the parcels journey as it makes its merry way to you! It's important to note here that we are both relying on the postal service to be operating at normal service, if perhaps a Volcano Ash crisis grounds planes or a Christmas holiday pops up, then you could expect to see a wee delay during these times, usually just a couple of days, so give yourself plenty of time to order and receive your piece. Whilst we have seen our boleros reach US clients within 5 days it is always best to account for a longer period of time when planning your special day to avoid any disappointment.


If you find your dream bolero from our stock but would prefer to change the sleeves that is perfectly doable. There is an additional charge for labour and material when adding different sleeves to an existing bolero design. If you want to avail of this alteration, simply get in touch prior to making any purchase and we will create a special "reserved" listing in our store which will include the additional sleeve alteration cost.

-capped sleeve (15dollars), 3/4length sleeve (20dollars), long sleeve (25dollars)


We have a range of shades available in our studios and most of our silk boleros seen above can be requested in any of these shades at no extra cost at all! So if you fancy adding a pop of color to your bridal ensemble please get in touch before purchase and check availability with us on the color your keen on and we can confirm for you if it is in stock or not. :)


Here at bonzie designs, we appreciate that it can be very difficult making a purchase online and near impossible to get the exact match of ivory/white etc to your dress by looking at a picture alone, so we offer to send our brides shade swatches to compare with their own gowns so they can make a comfie purchase having chosen the right shade from our range. To order your swatches simply get in touch and let us know the following details

- full name, mailing address, shades your keen to try


As a result of being based in Ireland(Europe) and selling through a U.S based site to an International market we are quite used to dealing with different currencies, however we appreciate that it may be a little daunting for our clients, so heres the skinny on currency.

There is a very handy currency converter online which can convert from US dollars into any currency you like so you can see instantly what the cost is in your local currency. This is at . We are also going to be adding Euros and Sterling prices into our listings in our online shop so you can see currency conversions at a glance.

Also, although our online store is a U.S based site and displays in Dollars, the purchasing process is a piece of cake and you will be guided through the checkout and given the option to pay with either your credit card or paypal account, where the currency conversion is done automatically , so no need to worry about currency at all from a purchasing point of view.

We hope that helps with your bolero queries, and we look forward to meeting you in our etsy store. where your bridal bolero is our special service. :)


Your bolero is handmade from our design studios in Ireland , with lots of love too! Aunt and Niece, Ger and Yvonne create each piece with meticulous care and attention and enjoy being a part of your special day!!

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