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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bonzie's Hot List 2010

Gals, I figured since I'm creating a bonzie shaped indentation in my couch this Christmas that it would be a good opportunity to reflect back on the year and share with you guys some of our fave people/artists/moments and mover's and shakers over the year 2010

Warning: Picture Heavy Post! May need a Cuppa Coffee for this one folks!!!

Watching my Cousin Majella Louise Fitzgerald dancing on Xfactor 2010. Maj has been dancing with my Aunt's Dance Academy , On Your Toes since she was 2 years of age! She eats, sleeps and breathes dance and recently graduated from London College of Performing Arts. Her first professional gig dancing on Xfactor no less! I was so proud watching her it was like a dream come true seeing her doing what she loves and living her dream. For sure a highlight of 2010!

Irish Fashion Journalist: Georgina Heffernan (right of photo)
The lovely Georgina Heffernan for her support throughout the year. We are eternally grateful for your belief in our brand. xxxx
One of the hottest vintage bridal resources on the net folks! Seriously, this gal knows her stuff!

Couldn't possibly finish our hot list this year without mentioning our fave boutique and stylista hot spot Smoking Lily's. Sometimes in this industry you get to work with really gorgeous talented people and have a nice collaboration, sometimes those collaboration's blossom into something more and you become dear friends. Shona Neilson the stunning fashion forward amazonian creature has become one of our dearest friends and Bonzie supporters. If you haven't been to visit Smoking Lily yet you simply must stop by. A stunning loft floor style mecca of hidden gems and thrifted treasures. I Market Slip, Kilkenny!

Hot List Royalty!!! Vivienne Westwood, we love you...nuff said!!!

Eilis Boyle
No Hot List would be complete without sharing our fave Irish Designer of 2010! The uber talented Eilis Boyle gets our vote every time. An Irish Indie Designer who is one of Ireland's brightest stars at the moment. Eilis works with passion, integrity and creativity and her designs simply speak for themselves. Eilis also keeps a terrific blog that is another Hot List must for any of you keeping an eye on fashion happenings in Ireland. In an industry that can be challenging and difficult at the best of times, we have a huge respect for Eilis and her dedication to passionate design and Irish creativity!
Gisele Scanlon.
If you haven't yet discovered the magic that is Gisele Scanlon's, The Goddess Guide and the The Goddess Experience you simply must rush out and stock up! Stunning publications simply crammed with gorgeousness, each page a veritable feast of what's hot in style,fashion and beauty. Basically a Goddess 101!!! A definite Hot List fave!

Blanaid Hennessey
If you don't already have a style crush on this stunning creature that is Blanaid Hennessey you will soon! Blanaid is an avid vintage style champion, super talented Interior Designer and fabulous style blogger with an all consuming appetite for all things vintage, edgy and just outright cool. We attended the launch of Shutterbug, Blanaid's latest venture based in Kilkenny. This stylish photography mecca simply screams cool and one can't help thinking that it could be perched effortlessly in the middle of Greenwich Village New York. Blanaid is safely secured in this year's hot list and will probably remain there for a very long time!!
Check out to confirm your crush too!!!

Irish Stylist: Roxanne Parker
Irish Stylist: Cathy O' Connor

Irish Stylist: Annmarie O' Connor
Irish Stylist and Editor: Tanya Grimson

You know gals, we think it's very important to thank those who have helped you continue in the job that you love. Those who have championed and supported your work throughout the year! We are so blessed and very grateful to have worked with some really wonderful Irish Stylist's this year who have shared our work with the world and believed in what we do. For this we are eternally grateful and couldn't complete our Hot List without mentioning and thanking, Roxanne Parker, Annmarie O'Connor, Cathy O'Connor, Georgina Heffernan and Maria Fusco for having our back!!! :) We wouldn't be able to do what we do without their support and willingness to share our work with their readers. xxx
Maria Fusco
I challenge anybody in fashion to curate a Hot List without including the effortlessly gorgeous stylista Maria Fusco!!! A dear friend and seriously talented stylist, blogger and Irish fashion royalty!!! Ger and I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon this year with Maria in Dublin musing over fashion, accessories and all things fabulous daarling! Maria is an avid supporter of Irish Indie designers and absolutely eats , sleeps and breathes Fashion! It's not a launch party in Dublin if Maria and her stunning array of turbans is not on the guest list!!!

Hot List Fave: Liaison
Simply a must for 2010 one of our buddies from Kat Swank with her achingly beautiful Mucha inspired "Liaison" headwear pieces seen worn above by Courtney Love. Kat creates the most divine wearable art and she is always top of our list in the hotness stakes!! You can check out Kat's online store HERE to see more of this super talented designers work. We had an opportunity to work with Kat during 2010 and hope to collaborate again soon!
Kat also experienced a tragic personal loss at the end of 2010 and continues to heal through her art each and every day. We wish to send Kat our loving thoughts and hope that healing comes to her and her loved ones in the not so distant future. xxxx

Daphne Guinness
Hot List ALERT!! Daphne Guinness how I love thee!!! Gals, simply couldn't complete our Hot List without our style fave Daphne at the helm. A firm fave here, Daphne simply rocks our world. A veritable style feast!!! If ever there was a muse! You can check out more images of this Style dynamo here, quite the treat!! Meeting Daphne at some point in my career is securely tucked away on my bucket list..

Anna Saccone
We met this stunning young lady at the Elite Model Launch Party in Dublin this year and she simply blew me away. Author of The Style Diet Book and Youtube Internet sensation with her Style Diet channel, Anna simply eats sleeps and breathes style/fashion and shares it all with her channel subscribers. A beautiful humble girl in person with a really positive message for young women about self esteem and self worth, we think this gal is simply wonderful and deserves every inch of the success coming her way!! You can check out Anna's Channel Here.
One to watch closely in 2011

Gabby Young
An ongoing fave here at Bonzie is our uber talented and achingly beautiful pal Gabby Young. We spent a weekend in London with Gabby and had an opportunity to catch her perform in concert with her band Gabby Young and the the other animals. We then spent the night at Gabby's in London with her gorgeous doggy Hobbes and equally gorgeous rockstar partner Stephen Ellis of London Band Revere, watching Coco before Chanel movie and munching on chinese take out! Gabby has been a keen supporter since we started and we adore her work. Gabby is one of the most talented songstresses I know and is quickly blazing a trail through the festival circuits and recently secured a recording deal! We are huge fans of Gabby and will continue to Hot List this stunning talented gal throughout her career! Gabby also writes a style blog, because well wonderful eccentricity like Gabby's simply must be documented!!! :) Check out Gabby's blog Here.
Dads work is dramatic, deep and sincere, I love how he views the world!
Jim Crotty... Well Dad simply had to make the hotlist!! Ger's older brother and my Father, he is somewhat of a hero here at Bonzie Headquarters. A constant source of inspiration and neverending support. A keen artist and photographer himself with his first exhibition this year! One of the most proudest moments of 2010!!
Photographer: Rowynn Michelle Dumont
Known amongst the Lucent Dossier Clan as Ringmaster Roger! Roger Fojas is one of the most enigmatic, passionate, artistic people I have ever met. An avid photographer, artist and performer, Roger simply had to make the hot list of 2010!! We are really excited to be working on a collaboration in the New Year with Roger and can't wait to work with this artistic genius!

One of the highlights of the year: Working backstage at Electric Picnic with the guys and gals of Lucent Dossier. Absolutely incredible experience, magical performers and passionate artists!

So there you have it gals, just some of our Hot List faves over 2010. Hope you find some new discoveries amongst the list and hope you enjoy perusing their hotness over 2011. Now, with pins and needles in my butt cheeks I bid you adieu. Time to get off the laptop and explore the real world again for another spell. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year, we are looking forward to sharing ours with you all too.x
Be well
Yvonne & Ger


mariafusco said...

Oh my god Bonzie girls ... I am overwhelmed by your gorgeous words and compliments darlings .
Si si si ..... I adore all things beautiful hence your delicious collections of gorgeous things always delight me .
A million mercis for including me in your Hotlist .
Massive bisous
Maria X

Anna Saccone said...

Thank you so much for including me in this lovely post, Bonzie!!! It was an honour to meet you last summer and I've been an avid fan ever since Georgina introduced me to your amazing designs at the You Magazine shoot! This absolutely made my day, thank you SO much! Oh, and I voted for you on that Faye website by the way ;) <3 Lots of love! xoxo

The Style Strutter said...

Great post:)!! Lots of inspiring things to check out! Happy new year ladies:)! Hope ye have even more success in 2011!! xxx

Roger Fojas Photography said...

Thank you Bonzie for including me in your hotlist.. I am truly honoured that you feel that way about me and my work as a creative artist... I definitely am looking forward to collaborating with you in the near future!

Oh. and If it were possible... I would like to ask if we could credit the photographer from the first image of me used in the blog... she is a talented photographer by the name of Rowynn Michelle Dumont. (The black & white tin type in which I'm wearing the top hat)...

Once again..I'm so honoured and excited to see how things progress in your journey... Your work is amazingly beautiful.. and I am blessed that I've gotten to know you as a personal friend of mine.

Bonzie said...

Your all so welcome guys. It's genuinely curated to include folk who inspire us.

Roger, thank you for the photography credit, I've added it right away. As always your so thoughtful and making sure that an artist get's their true credit. That's what makes you such a lovely person!

Happy New Year Cathy, looking forward to working with the Style Strutter in the New Year.


Liaison by Kat Swank said...

Bonz, I'm so thankful for your post! So glad to know you (virtually) and I am ALWAYS inspired and in awe of your fabulous work. Much love to you,
Kat Swank