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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bonzie Intern ~ Gracie

Gracie appeared in the December issue of Kiss Magazine thanks to the fabulous photoshoot by local photographer Katie Kavanagh. Katie also offers up her time at the studio and she's a really wonderful addition to the team. We are so blessed to have such lovely gals volunteering their time with us, each gal, Enda, Katie and Gracie bring so much to the table and we couldn't imagine the studio any other way these days!

Gracie on stage at the Dun Laoghaire Vintage Fair 2011 receiving her "Best Dressed" Spot Prize on the day!

Gracie manning the Bonzie stand at the fair!

Gracie got right into the spirt of things at the fair and we applied some quirky vintage make up for the day! She was like a porcelain doll!

Gracie's smile lights up the room!

Gracie received a signed copy of Angel Adorée's new Vintage Tea Party Book! A perfect prize for the up and coming vintage fashionista! We were so proud!

Bonzie Intern Gracie came to us through the work experience project during her transition year in school. Gracie attends Abbey Community College in Waterford and she has proved a really exciting addition to the Bonzie team. Gracie is so enthusiastic, competent and reliable, she's a young lady going places in our opinion. She bounces into our study with a genuine joy for creating and is soaking up the experience in the hope of fulfilling her own dream to go on to study Fashion Design at college one day. Since joining the team we have immersed Gracie in all aspects of the business, from creating 100's of handcrafted corsages one day to manning a stand at a Vintage Fair and most recently featuring in her own article in a National glossy magazine. It's been such a joy watching Gracie's experience and a real honour to be part of that journey for this special young lady. Even though Gracie's school work experience ended quite some time ago she continues to offer up her free time to help out at the studio and this is a testament to this girls drive and determination to achieve her goals and get that step closer to her dreams. It's really wonderful to see such ambition in such a young girl, we are grateful to have her on our team.