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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hearts galore.........

So my etsy store is up and running for a few days and I was really chuffed to see a bunch of hearts when I checked to see who had picked me as one of the favourites! I wasn't expecting any and suddenly I clicked on the page and the whole bunch of them came twirling out on the screen!! For those of you who are familiar with etsy, you know that this is a brilliant feeling!!

Its taking me some time to list items as my photo files were too big for etsy and I have to do a lot of tampering to get them compliant. grrrrrrrr......

So I have lots of stock to list, but it will be streaming online slowly but surely!!! lol

have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Etsy Shop Launch Tonight!

Hi Ladies
After weeks of preparing stock for the launch of my online boutique, I have set about getting my shop up and running. All of the items on the blog will be available online at etsy, along with much more too! (except the lush red puffball dress, which my model just had to wear heading out on Sat night!.....well in fairness she did look amazing in it, lol )
I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with any queries that you might have!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Note to self........

Ok so I'm diving head first into a dyeing excercise for a plum coloured ensemble, and all the while I'm thinking to myself, I'm forgetting something!! Guessed it yet? yes.........that's it I forgot the gloves!! That will tell you how wrapped up I was on the job at hand! Well everything came out a delicious plum colour, having mixed two different dyes in order to get the correct colour. I am looking forward to using many different tones in this outfit, (pics will be posted ).

Today is photoshoot day, and my model is coming around to shimmy in some of my latest etsy collection. (Which will be available soon!). Its not a great day for weather so we will have to really get the ol thinking caps on! Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Burgundy Corset.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My new studio!

And here she is everybody!! doesn't she look purdy!! Its so new and nude at the moment, I can't wait to get a few mannequins and cutting table in there. I won't even come up for air! I just cannot get over the amount of (and yes thats an echo you are hearing girls! lol) Well this means lots of room for etsy stock!

Hope you like it girls!

Mother of the Bride Commission

ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes ladies it has own studio....................plonked right in my new back garden.........all 24 by 12 foot of it!!!!!!!!!! (you might be able to tell by now that I am absolutely over the moon!) Its been a long time coming and to say that dreams are coming through would be an understatement. The 3 guys are out the back as we speak and its massive!!!!! I cannot believe how much space I am going to have. ok........and exhale.
Well I promise to post a picture tonight of my new studio (yes Tony.......s...t....u.d....i....o ! Not shed! lol)

Well hope you guys are having a fab day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brocade Venetian Jacket

Etsy Launch Approaching

Yes ladies,
I have been very busy preparing for the launch of my etsy online boutique where anybody can purchase styles like the ones you see posted on my blog!! I am expecting to get the show on the road by next week.

I had a fantastic weekend, at the fabulously talented Linda Mckay's millinery workshop weekend. The venue was mind blowing, like an article out of an interiors magazine, and the constant stream of refreshments kept everyone oohhhhhhhing and aahhing on a regular basis. The workshop itself was fascinating, and everyone created the most amazing pieces under the guidance of a creative genius, that is , Linda Mckay. It was such a great experience to be in her studio, rummaging through her boxes of vintage trinkets, antique laces, beads and hand dyed feathers! quite honestly guys, I was foaming at the mouth! And the best bit was, all these materials were simply there for the taking, Linda generously implies a system of , take what you need to make it happen!
Major props go out to Janice our host who spoiled us rotten for the weekend with fab homecooked dishes and desserts and juices and lattes and treats........did I mention a constant stream of refreshments!!
If you are living in Ireland or fancy a visit to this neck of the woods, it is a highly recommended form of relaxation and enjoyment. Go check Linda out at the link on the right hand side, listed under talented people, why of course!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

indie public

I joined indie public tonight, but am a bit new yet to navigate around the site, in fact it frightens the life outa me, i just run right outa there. Guess it must get easier in time. Well I must get some sleep tonight, have big weekend ahead ladies. nite nite

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Top hat ladies!

This weekend I will be participating in my pals millinery workshop!! The fabulously talented Linda Mckay ( go check her amazing portfolio here, ). I am very much looking forward to the weekend at Linda's studio and I will let you guys know how it goes. I am curious to see how my fashion design background translates into millinery!!

Have been working on some cute dresses recently for my etsy launch and will be planning another photo shoot soon too! So keep checking in ladies!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I am waiting on the arrival of my new studio (also known as a wooden shed/cabin) and it feels like Christmas. To have a designated area to make a mess/masterpiece is going to be fab. I had a landscaping expert up today who is going to help to put some style into the garden surrounding it too!! A long way from when I started, (cutting out patterns on MDF on my bed years ago!!! )I will be sure to post the pics when it has arrived. Hopefully soon, as I am driving everybody around me crazy fluting on about it!! lol

Today was a great day creatively, I managed to finish 3 more pieces for the next photo shoot. This collection will be added to my online boutique at when I launch my new shop!
leave a comment ladies if you wish, as I love mail!x

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Photo shoots and Puffball skirts!

Here are some pictures from my recent photoshoot, in my mini orchard (notice apple props!....everywhere!). I am preparing to stock my "Online Etsy Boutique", where all of the designs can be purchased. My Model worked out great, I think she looks perfect in my designs, in fact I think she has become my new muse!! Aswell as being great fun to work with too!