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Friday, October 26, 2007

Cuffs Away!!

So I pop online the other night, as ya do, and I come across another one of my pieces sold, first of all I am thrilled and excited and then I realise that it is actually a fellow buddy of mine on Etsy, whom I have grown to love!!! She is an absolute howl and is just a great person to know. When I first started chatting in the forums on Etsy I met this lady and knew that she was from Ireland , but didn't realise that she was only 30 mins away from me!! I mean how small is this world, out of a site containing hundreds of thousands of people I met and became friends with someone only living down the road from me! (also baring in mind that Etsy is more based in America than in Europe!). Well she bought one of my pieces from me, and I will get a chance to see her wearing it next week over coffee!! oh the wonder of the world wide web .

(oh and if I don't post for a while send out the emergency services, not quite sure if this ones a lunatic for real just yet!!! ) lol.............only kidding (no seriously!) :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bonzie hits front page!!!....................


Ok ......where do I start to explain this one to you. It was a very ordinary day in bonzieville when I popped into check on my shop before heading to work and KABAMM, there it was staring back at me , my own creation, little ruffled babydoll dress sitting on the front page of Etsy for thousands to notice. (in Etsy land this is huge, considering there are approx 100,ooo sellers on there)

I think I rang everyone, and can I just say the people that didn't know much about Etsy, just thought I had lost the plot altogether, I was very incoherrent at the time! Must have sounded like a crazy woman at 9 in the morning babbling bout front woojamacallits and such.

Well the traffic to my shop was tremendous and the congratulations were flying through the air amongst my fellow etsy community. I think that was my 5 mins of fame. I can rest in peace now!! lol


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Denim Baby doll hits the road!!

So the most hearted item in my shop has sold this week and is destined for Manchester, England. I am always amused to think that a piece of mine would be so far away in someones wardrobe! Its great.

I have been working on accessories this week as I am hoping that its a little easier to move things that don't require fitting. I have some stunning pieces on the way guys, and I will be doing a photoshoot next Saturday so hold tight for etsy shop update! Oh and a really quirky accessory on the way that will be sure to impress even the most discerning fashionistas!

Yesterday I had one of the most productive days ever in the studio and I am sure it was a lot to do with the fact that I had Amy Lee of Evanescence on play on the laptop all day! I was playing her music videos in the background and was imaginging her as a muse, it was great, I love that romantic, nostalgic, gothic, victorian flair to her videos and it really rubbed off in the pieces I came up with yesterday! So thank you Amy, (call me if you need any new items for your next video!!)lol

have a great weekend everyone.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Etsy Sale!!

Thats right gals, after only a little over a week having set up shop on etsy I had a sale!! I have to say the rush of adrenalin I got when I read the email to say I had a sale blew me away!! My heart was hoppin in my chest, guess I just wasn't expecting it, at least not for another few months. So I was thrilled, a little sad to see one of my favourite pieces (pictured above) head off on its merry way to California but also really pleased. The blue corset has a really antique finish to it, I used vintage material and distressed further to look antique, it actually looks like it was lying in a chest in an attic for years, just the way I like it. lol. I included a handembellished clutch made from beautiful vintage fabric to commemorate the first buyer. I hope they keep coming, oh, and that the high is the same as the first sale too!! lol


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ethereal elegance!!

So today I was checking out some of my favourite blogs and low and behold here was 2 of my pieces on as some of deb and wendys' favourites ! I was totally blown away, its such a great surprise to come upon your own work around the online community. is a super chic, super informative blog on all things handmade and indie and totally worth a visit, in fact totally worth becoming a regular!!
check it out.