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Friday, November 30, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bridal anyone???

Ok, so I decided to pop a few of my bridal pieces into my etsy shop ( for the sheer joy of fluffing it up a little! ) I am totally aware that its impossible to sell an higher end items over the net and especially something as special as a wedding dress, because lets face it , that baby needs a lot of fitting before the wedding day! But I thought it would be a nice element to add to the shop just to show a little of what can be done with that particular victorian/steampunk style and not being afraid to introduce a few frayed edges (sacre coeur!) into a wedding gown! (well why not!)

An etsy pal Rubyclover asked me how did I get that ethereal quality to the photos and to be quite honest Rubes, (nothing to do with camera, or photoshop) I think its the venue! They were shot in a renovated lepers hospital here in Ireland and I think that foggy dewy atmosphere is more about the fact that its haunted and nothing else! Mwah ahaha! (am I too late for Halloween?)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Custom Work......................

The thing I love about custom work is the fact that you end up inventing something that you wouldn't have necessarily come up with if you hadn't had a brief to stick to! Take for example the scarf and bag above! A dear etsy pal Susarto commissioned me to make her a bag and matching scarf to give her new grey coat a designer edge and instead of designing a scarf in the normal rectangular realm! (I am allergic to symetery!) I decided I wanted to do a real couture type of neck piece with lots of structure! In doing so I have come up with a really coool new product for my etsy store in the midst of a creative dry spell! (So thanks Sus! )xxx

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Probably the most colourful spats in the world!!

Every now and again a really cool client comes along and gives you a carte blanche to go off and design something really out there!! I had one such client recently in my etsy shop and she adores colour (which is a tough one for me given that I am usually drawn to aged antique type colours such as nudes, tea stain, brown etc.) But I gave it a lash and to my surprise I really love them, colours and all! just goes to show what can come out of reaching out of your comfort zone! This is why its really important to take on clients input because it pushs you as a designer to step out of your box and use things you wouldn't have necessarily thought of before!!


I recently applied to become part of (a really cool website for designers to host there portfolio for added exposure etc). There is an application process to be selected for this particular site and I gave it a lash not expecting anything! only the following morning I had an email confirming that I had been chosen to be part of there website. I was really delighted about this and am now looking for an extra day in the week to get some time to play with it! ;)
go check it out for yoursmelf!! xx


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bonzie Bags!

Its been a good week for my etsy shop! Thanks to my gorgeous pal Ira on etsy, one of my pieces made the front page again!!! Its a really fab feeling to have the spotlight on your shop for a wee while and its always great for traffic too! I was away for the weekend and when I returned my etsy buddy Blake had taken a screenshot of the frontpage for me!! (it doesn't get much sweeter than that!! ) For those of you who are not members of etsy, thats the general community spirit that exists between members from all over the world and its wonderful!
This week I have been working on some custom orders for the etsy shop and I was thrilled to send of the gorgeous bag above to SimplySusan! Sue just left me off to design a mystery bag, she gave me a rough idea of colour and then let me loose, my favourite type of client! (Thanks Sus!)