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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Just wanted to pop in to say hi to all and hope you guys are having a fab christmas! I am having a great day at home with my family, mam is dancing like a lunatic to random christmas tunes, my neice doesn't know where to look there is so much stuff around, dad is cooking up a storm in the kitchen and me bro and sis are chillin out counting down the minutes to gobble gobble fest!

To this day I am not really sure how many peeps check into my blog to have a browse as comments are always scarce ( or if its of any interest to anyone) but I know from the stats that there are a few readers and I have not met or chatted with many of you, but I do hope that you get some enjoyment out of it and that I know I do, I will be bloggin on in 08, with many new stock on plan for my etsy store! So to all those that just stop by for a nose, stop by some day and say hi! its lovely to meet other bloggers, and to be honest its always a highlight to log on and find a new comment from someone sharing there thoughts, it makes my day! So see you in 08, and HAVE A LOVELY CHRISTMAS , HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Victorian Doll!

I have just finished the Victorian coat for the little girl , and it turned out really special! (kinda hankering after an adult version for meself!) This coat was to match the little wine and cream dress with the petticoat in a previous post. I also finished the look with a pair of lace trimmed bloomers in a fab victorian style pinstripe fabric.

Something tells me this little girl will be having a stylish Christmas! ;)



Couture Bubble Scarf

Couture Bubble Scarf, is my latest item to be added to my etsy shop!! Its a beautiful sculptoral piece that can be worn over your favourite winter coat to give instant designer appeal! Also looks fab over a polo neck jumper! Fancy one for yourself .....check them out here!



Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bag Lady!!!

Yep Sus, you know who you are!! lol

This custom order is the second bag for my etsy pal SimplySusan! (aka from now on the bag lady)! Thanks Sus!

Go check her shop out , makes beautiful cards, top quality ( I know because I got one for xmas!) ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

One of my faves!

I came upon these photos recently of a coat I did for one of my very stylish clients here in the studio!! I wanted to share it with you guys as its something that you wouldn't typically find in my etsy shop as its more of a couture piece thats custom made for studio visitors. Its embellished the whole way through the back, and always draws a lot of attention when its worn.

If/when ( *she giggles*) I have my own boutique, I would envisage rails adorned with these type of pieces!

(well a girl can dream can't she!)



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rubys Steampunk affair!

Its been very quiet recently for me on etsy because I am not able to list much or do any marketing (have limited internet access at the mo), but to be honest its been suiting me as this is the time when the studio gets hectic with private commissions for christmas! So if the etsy shop was too busy I would be in a heap!

The most recent activity on the shop is a custom order for my etsy buddy Ruby. Its a couture scarf/neck piece made from black/charcoal Irish tweed and embellished with various steampunkesque bits and bobs, chains, vintage key charms, antique buttons etc. There is also a splash of leatherette trim for extra punkyness! I love how this turned out, aswell as the matching clutch!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas with the Waltons!!

My youngest client is a little girl (aptly named) Sally Ann! She is a little doll and her mum loves to dress her in clothes inspired of yesteryear! I love working on her outfits and the most recent one being her commission for christmas! A beautiful burgundy number with petticoat frilling, antique lace and petticoat bloomers for underneath! I always enjoy this kind of work as I get to indulge in more ruffles and frills than any adult would possible get away with it!! lol
Just for fun I added a little hat and scarf with complimenting victorian ruffles!

Riah's Corset Belt

Custom Corset Belt for Riah

This is the most recent custom order for my etsy pal Riah and author of Riah's Review Blog! A must read! I chose a black tweed for this number and embellished it with a Parisian vintage theme! I adore the little key charm amongst the lace, another purchase from etsy! I find so many things on etsy that I would love to buy, its a treasure trove of talent. Many a day has been lost just perusing through the pages of items, a pass time that I love, (when I have time to do it of course!)
I have many variations of this particular corset belt in my etsy boutique and if you fancy doing a collaboration with me just get in touch and we can come up with one especially for you!