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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hi Everyone!

For those of you who have been following my blog over the last few months you will have noticed a distinct lack of posts over the last fortnight! Well I said I would make this post about the reason WHY!

About twice a year I get inundated with orders for dance costumes for impending dance competitions! These costumes consist of lycra, lycra........oh and did I mention lycra? Not to mentioned thousands of diamantes/rhinestones (depending on what part of the globe your living on! ) Which by the way I'm actually beginnning to believe that it's possible to get stoned on that many diamantes in one sitting! I've even taken to bringing them into bed with me and glueing them on whilst watching telly in an effort to get through them all!!! Basically I am buried in lycra at the moment guys and this has led to S.I.A...............(Severe.Internet.Absence)

Which for those of you who know me, IS DRIVING ME INSANE! Am experiencing major internet D.T's at the moment.

On the plus side my studio is eminating a radioactive glow from the explosion of colour inside! (baring in mind that my usual choice of colours are always muted, earthy rich tones), I do believe I'm coming out in a rash!! lol

So there you have it guys, Im hoping to return to some form of normality (well lets face it I don't do NORMAL all that well) soon.

keep checking in guys, business as usual! lol



Saturday, March 1, 2008


Am totally diggin this tune at the mo! Have it on replay in my studio all day, usually do that until I can't bare to listen to it anymore ;) but for now, its hot. x

Grey is the day!

This is the finished jacket for my Auntie Ger, she fell in love with this beautiful grey flecked silk mix fabric and we set about to create a venetian jacket using my fave deconstructed techniques. I enjoyed this colour scheme, using lots of silvers and metals with hints of black, my fave been the frayed edges fo course!