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Friday, May 23, 2008

Something Old, something New!

Ok, by now you guys know that I like me a bit of olde worlde now and again, well for this latest piece I did everything bar feed it to the neighbours dog to get that old, antiquated look on something brand new. I think I managed to distress it enough, in fact it looks like something out of an old historical museum! Job well done I would say! ;)



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Poison Plum Couture Neck Adornment

This is the latest in the series of couture neck adornments.

I really enjoyed working in the particular colour scheme, the plums and merlot colours look very rich with the hint of black.

Available now here at my etsy store! update, sold out today, watch out for more coming soon!



Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot off the table!

Just managed to get this babydoll top completed for a dear friend and fellow etsy seller, Ira Grant. Ira runs a hugely successful shop on etsy selling gorgeous bags with a true european flavour. Check out her store here!

I took Ira's taste in fabrics into account when putting the design for this top together! I love the contradiction of patterns, colours etc, they clash in such a cute way! Babydoll indeed. ;)



Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Hangin Around!

Jackets just hanging around in the studio waiting to be listed in my etsy shop! ;)




Preview of ' Tatter Neck Adornment'

Ok, so I have just about finished on the first in the series of 'Tatter Neck Adornments'. I have chosen the romantic whimsical muted tones for the first one and here is a preview to my blog readers before the etsy boutique update Tomorrow.

It will be available to snap up here! ;)

Also remember, if you fancy having one made for a special occasion in any particular colour scheme just send me a message and we can do that too!



Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Product on the way!


I just wanted to share my excitement with you. I was on a roll in the studio ( sometimes you get days like that) and I came up with a new product to add to my etsy boutique at the weekend. I am really happy with the new pieces and having spent the whole night in the studio designing, I am looking forward to getting them up online.

I have often dabelled in jewellery, such as cuffs and chokers and have recently come up with a new collar piece that features all my signature embellishments in the typical romantic tattered fashion! The couture neckwear can be worn with the plainest blouse or vest to stunning effect. But you will have to wait until Saturday to check out the shop update! ;)
So for now I leave you with a pic of that signature embellishment I mentioned.

looking forward to seeing you there!



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Exciting News!

Ok, you know how the saying goes, everything happens in threes! well this month thats exactly what happened. I was approached by 3 magazines to do an editorial on my "Bonzie" label, which I sell in my etsy online boutique, here!

I was blown away by this news and am just bursting for the day when Im heading down do the corner shop to pick up the editions with my pieces inside! When this happens my mam goes round the town with a copy strategically placed under her arm for the day, just in case she bumps into anyone that she can tell! lol

I don't want to out the publications yet until the features break in case they have a discreet policy on what coming out in future issues. so it will be fun to blog about them when they are out.

I was also asked to take a profile shot for one of them and as a "runner away from camera" person I had to bite the bullet and try.

well it came out fine, that isuntil I went a bit crazy in photoshop and added all kinds of mystic and artistry! I kinda like it now! To me it kind of reflects the quirky nature of my label too!

so stay tuned for magazine coverage!



Saturday, May 3, 2008

Reconstructed babydoll dress.

The new corset in stock!

More styles from the collection

New Stock Shoot!

So, I finally get some stock together to update the shop. Have been working on a series of vintage jeans jackets for everyday wear (which can also be dressed up for more special occasions too!) Here are the first 3 so far, with many more styles and colours to come. Of course they are all going to be available from my etsy boutique if you fancy investing in one for your 08 wardrobe. ;)