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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blooms of Grey!

I'm all over the colour grey at the moment and have been working on quite a few custom pieces in this colour which suggests Im not the only one loving it either!

Blooms above are waiting to be added to a new neck adornment for an etsy custom. I love the rawness of the irish tweed that is layered into these and especially love the vintage silver metal military buttons in the centres. "one is easily pleased!" lol



Crash and burn!

So lately things have become somewhat hectic in bonzie land and being the workaholic that I am, I just went along with the storm for the ride! However, I have the kind of personality (having seen this happen on numerous occasions) that runs on adrenalin, appears very hyper to my friends and family around me and seems to be steamrolling ahead until........ka dunk!

I burn out!

Thankfully my burn out was yesterday, on a Sunday and I was able to vegetate for the day to recharge the batteries. I had the strangest headache too, which I don't really suffer from so I just had to give in and take the day off! Days off are not something that sit very well with me especially since my studio is only yards away from my house! At any one time I can be looking at a list of custom orders waiting to be done and its very easy to come up with a reason to work every hour of the day!

I feel recharged though and Im ready to take on another batch of manicness before the next chill out session! lol (will a girl never learn) As my father once pointed out, "you do your best work when your under pressure" ...........darn it!

So on a positive note amidst the madness I have been coming up with some new products for the shop which I am very excited about. I hope you stay tuned to see some of these babies appear over the next month! ;)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Competition/Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys,

I have to admit, im a sucker for giveaways and raffles, I enter lots and win a few! ;) its always such a thrill to get the call!

lady, "Good afternoon, is that Bonzie?"
me, "Yes speaking"
lady, "Congratulations you have won a years supply of nasal spray!"
me, "Oh goody gum drops, just what I needed!"


well in honour of my etsy pal Ruby, (who has set up a blog for the soul purpose of entering my competitions! honestly!) I am launching another one and the winner will recieve a trio of bonzie corsage broochs. That is 3, as in three!!! of the very popular handmade corsages that are currently on sale in the shop. I will keep the actual blooms a mystery until prize day. To enter simply leave a comment (and it doesn't have to be about how wonderful I am, lol simply just enter the word enter if you like, but shameless flattery may have some influence over the judges decision! lol) (ok I'm kidding of course, I will pick the name at random from one of my trimmings jars and photograph the entire glorious raffle event!)

Entries for this Competition end on the last day of this month and the winner will be announced on the 1st of July! ;P

Happy Entering.



Monday, June 23, 2008

leaving on a Jet Train!!!!!!

So today, Im heading to Dublin for the day with my father in tow, I have a very important meeting, somewhat of a personal nature but I could certainly do with some good vibes, if you have any lying around?

It will also be tough for me to be away from the shop, the computer, the internet, my studio! (slight addiction to all of the above you see!) so hopefully it will be full of surprised whilst im away, and who knows might even produce a sale or two.

For now I leave you with a ruby red velvet flower to smell. ;)



The Piano

Loving the vibe from The Piano at the moment, have it on repeat in the studio!

Dark Baroque Wrap!

Don't know why but for some reason lately im very drawn to dark gothic/baroque style colours. Perhaps I need to watch the Crow or the Piano and just get it out of my system! lol

Nonetheless, heres what my dark gothic mood is producing, hope you like! Available in the shop now! ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Blooms

A Baroque Bloom and an Olive Famine Bloom for you! Selection of blooms available in the shop now! ;)

A grey Day!

So today is a grey day in so many ways! Its been raining non stop for the last 2 days (and yes I left the laundry hanging out on the line yesterday!) seriously though, designers shouldn't have to do domestics right????? I never saw Carrie Bradshaw stressing out over a precipitation party coming down on her whites out on the clothes line! ;(

On another Grey front, I leave you with the latest custom order in the shop right now. A Grey muted toned neck adornment for the fabulous Fringe of etsy! ;)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Antiquated Tattered Loveliness!

More tattered loveliness of the corsage variety, available here!

These corsages would lend very well to bridal and especially if you have bridesmaids! If your looking for a set made in any size or colour let me know, I can custom make these to your specifics. ;)

Haunted Blooms!

Tattered loveliness available now in the shop! ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A present for me!

So Im browsing through etsy the other evening (as ya do!) and I was researching for a new blog and came accross a wonderful seller called Morashajewelry. I just adore her style of work, it really compliments my signature time worn look and I fell head over heels with the leather cuff above. Its a fact that I don't ever wear commercial style jewelry, the type you see shining and gleaming in a jewelry shop but I do really love anything rustic, time worn, gypsyesque and this cuff was everything I enjoy for my own personal use. I know that there are still one or two of these babies to whip up so if you fancy one for yourself you can get one here.

The designer also sent me a message after purchasing and to top off an already perfect buy she was a really sweet person too! (THIS is exactly why etsy is so special, that client/seller bond that often happens, it really personal and just works!)


thanks for your creativity Morahsa.

Monday, June 16, 2008


So the result is in...............

And heres how it went.... I wrote down all the names of entries onto a piece of paper and cut them all out and straight into a jar! Before I pulled one out I made a positive affirmation (im a keen believer in Karma and the Law of Attraction, as per "The Secret" Philosophy), I asked that the person pulled out be in need of a nice surprise and a bit of cheering up today.

Well heres the winner guys...

A bird in the hand

Thanks to everyone for entering! its been fun. Keep a check in for more offers coming soon. ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Shop!

So, I have been tossing around the idea of how I could extend my love of surface textures and detailed embellishments and I decided to open another etsy shop called Anood for all my other sewing projects such as cushions, homewares, art quilts, bags , art etc. Basically anything that inspires me and gives me the freedom to embellish and empty canvas!

I found the first night of having 2 etsy accounts absolutely dizzying! I honestly don't know if I will get used to swapping accounts, chatting in the forums and being in the wrong avatar etc! its crazy confusing. Round about now would be an awesome time for an assistant.... any takers?



Competition Update:
The entry for this comp is now closed, thanks to everyone who entered, I
will be posting the winner in the morning! ;)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plum Masquerade!

So I have been very busy in the studio this week with a big custom order. A super client of mine on etsy suggested that we go for a venetian jacket with an edgier twist! Instead of the usual cream brocade we went for a rich plum! After 3 dyeing attempts (and a bag full of nerves) the last batch came out the most perfect rich plum, yet still looked vintage and antique. Quite often brighter colours don't lend well to getting that authentic old aesthetic so I kept going until the colour passed the ancient test! ;)

My client has a flair for design herself and even submitted fashion sketchs of her proposal including the most amazing fleur de lis scroll pattern for the back! This is now my favourite part of the jacket as it has brought a whole new embellishment to the forefront that I never would have thought of!

I am also awaiting a shipment of swarovski crystals to adorn the back and these will also be added once they arrive in Ireland! No doubt I will need a good movie to watch whilst doing those by hand! eek!

Note: those of you who have not seen the post below I am running a giveaway cometition for a gorgeous cuff if you fancy entering scroll down below to comment. ;)

competition ends tomorrow so this is your last chance saloon! lol



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Press Release!!!

Its very exciting news here guys! The first of the 3 magazine articles has hit the shelves her in Ireland. PC Live Magazine, Irelands Premiere computer lifestyle magazine has done a fantastic article on Steampunk and I was featured as Irelands only steampunk fashion designer with an interview by your truely about my etsy online boutique and my bonzie label with its steampunk essence!!!

The article is an absolutely fabulous informative read written by a really gorgeous writer called Maria Golpe, who was an absolute lady to deal with and a gem of a business woman.

Of course etsy got a great plug too which is a great step towards reaching a new market in Ireland where more and more buyers and sellers are creating accounts by the day!
I am really thrilled about this piece and would like to extend my thanks to all the guys over at PC Live and especially Maria , for being an all round gem! xxxx
ps. don't forget to enter the free cuff giveaway competition below guys by posting a comment to enter.

Monday, June 9, 2008


HI guys,

I have decided its about time to give back to my regular blog readers!! I am hosting a competition to give away the regal tatter cuff above! I am not even going to promote this anywhere other than my blog as I would like for the peeps who check in with my blog to have the best chance of winning.

The winner will get the exact cuff from my etsy shop that is pictured above and I will send it out by Irish Post to anywhere in the world ;)

To enter simply leave a comment in this post and I will be putting all the names into a hat and pulling one out at random! I will pull out the winners name in a week from this post!

best of luck guys! ;)



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well... finally the sun decides to pay us a visit here in Ireland! We are having the most gorgeous (dare I say it!) Summers day today and I felt it would be the perfect opportunity to photograph the newest piece for my etsy boutique. I called in my model for an emergency *lets catch the sunlight for the summer dress* photo op!

For some reason this new summers dress just needed to be flooded with sunnyness to best show it off! The romantic lilac dress will be available to buy soon from my etsy shop. ;)

And to those enjoying the sunshine today, I hope it lasts a little bit longer for you than our usual glimpse or ray of hope! lol