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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Staples!

So with the onset of Fall (well if I'm honest, Fall never quite left Ireland last year, we have had about 5 sunny days this summer!) I digress, sorry, I was musing bout the onset of fall and the new range of products ahoy!

There has been a lot of movement in bonzie land of late which I will be sharing with you guys very soon! its all very exciting. ;0

There will be an influx of new products coming for Autumn and the Christmas season! The shop has been a lot of neck wear (well we love neck wear round here) but I have been hankering for some more new jackets, dresses, corsets etc and they are coming to an etsy shop near you real soon!

for now here are the latest additions the fall line, Crushed Black Velvet Couture scarves, decadent and classy yet they have a slight Gothic edge to them which I love too! Would look super over a plain coat or polo neck this Autumn/Winter. Limited stock available now at the boutique :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stocking up!

So lately I have been busy stocking up with lots of new styles and repeat stock for those that were sold out, if you havn't been into the shop in a wee while you might find a fresh face there if you do visit soon. :)



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Im still here!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys,

I'm still here................

As you guys all know I have been making trackways through the list of custom orders in the shop of late and wanted to share this beauty with you before it leaves the store on its merry way to an awesome client across the pond.

I was given the colours black,ivory and pewter to create a matching set that would compliment a very elegant black dress for a VIP wedding guest. I have to say had I not been asked to do this colour combo, I might never have come across such a cool combination. I really love the richness of how these little guys came out and I am also very excited that they are going to be worn too as a pair, I think they will look really funky with a refined black number!



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Custom Orders Frenzy!

So..............the ol blog is seeing a lack of action of late - (insert excuse here!).....


no really, its the Custom Orders in the shop. As I approach the end of my first year on etsy I have seen a lot of developments and patterns emerging in the structure of the shop. One such scary development is the custom order frenzy that has appeared literally overnight!

Too many Custom orders = Crazy lady designer formally known as Bonzie! lol

The month of July I put a close on custom orders to catch up on a personal project, when I opened up August again I had a custom list so long it brought me out in a rash! So whilst still trying to make my way through it , the orders are still coming in..........and in.......and

So heres the solution. As much as I really love that the shop is progressing and I feel really blessed that so many people enjoy the label. I have had to assess the structure of custom orders in order to progress without getting over busy.

After getting through the current list I will have a new system of just updating the shop regularly with the most popular products. I will have very limited custom order abilities whilst I focus on just keeping the shop stocked up. I will miss the surprise element of creating one of a kind pieces for individuals (such as the piece pictured above) but I am inviting some organisation into my life and would really relish a taste of sanity again. :)

I hope you guys can continue to enjoy the shop, new systems and all



Monday, August 4, 2008

French Vanilla Bridal Wrap

I love the depth of tone in this wrap, the cream is very french vanille, don't ya think , non?



New shop items today!

Hi guys,

I spent the bank holiday today getting some new pieces into the shop and getting through a wee bit of the waiting list for bridal wraps. I hope you like the new pieces available to buy here. ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

cleaning up my act!

So , since we moved into the new house over a year ago, the back of my studio was used for many odds and ends of a non sewing variety! toasters, pots, pans, dvds, ya know normal fashion type stuff!! lol

this weekend I bit the bullet and decided to sort it all out, got me some mighty fine shelves and organised all my fabric. (don't ask me how long those neat piles will last though, im estimating midweek!) lol

Saturday, August 2, 2008

In the Press!!

So...... I'm racing around my new cherry red kitchen (pictures to follow soon as my kitchen provider decides to actually deliver what we ordered! yes folks fab new kitchen with a gaping big hole where a double drawer unit should be! hence why im not taking pics until its totally ready)

oh, I digress........ Sorry! lol

anyways, Im racing around my kitchen just about to head out to work (my office job) and I hear the lovely sound of a parcel being sandwhiched in my letter box! This time it wasn't an etsy or ebay splurge but a publication from the printers of Enterprise II , the entrepreneurs magazine in Ireland that is distributed to all the schools here! AND I'M IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The article reads really great, thanks to a wonderful journalist pal Maria, and the thing that most gets me as a work colleague pointed out, "who knows bonzie, ya might even inspire a young person to take that particular path in life after reading it!" The more I think about this the cooler it becomes.

I hope you enjoy the pics, maybe some parts a legible too. ;)