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Friday, November 28, 2008

Shop Update Today

So today was spent taking lots of photographs and getting an update into the shop. I love the unfamiliarity of the shop for the first few days after an update, it keeps things fresh.

We have been rocking out some more new stock which we will be listing soon too so keep an eye out for newness all round.
To all our stateside clients,friends and visitors, we would love to wish you guys a really special thanksgiving celebration (feeling a tad jealous that we don't have those festivities here in Ireland) but in the spirit of thanksgiving lets be thankful for all the positive things that have happened this year, for all the new friends and especially thankful to our customers who allow us to create each and every day, thank you all for sharing in our passion and creativity.

Enjoy ! x
Bonzie & Ger

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Client Corner.

Lately we have been very fortuanate to have worked with some really special clients for their wedding accoutrement's. Many of these ladies have returned to share pics of their special day with us and we have been collecting up all these images and we thought it would be nice to share them with you. We decided to have a post on the blog each week dedicated to "Client Corner" to share some of the inspirational images that come back to us through our etsy clients.
The pic shown above is from an absolutely fabulous bride who we worked with a wee while ago for a vintage inspired shrug. I adore the photo and how it has captured such a natural looking couple on such an amazing day, I love the ethereal nature of this shot! The photographer for the day was Nadia Anderson, a lady with a gifted eye for style! The whole shot has such an editorial quality to it, truly like a fashion spread for vogue, I'm thinking the fact that our client looks like a model and has a fabulously handsome beau helps somewhat too ;)
Thank you guys for sharing this with us both, it is so uplifting to see our creations in real life situations, heres to a magical future for you both.
we are looking forward to sharing more of these client snaps in future too.
Bonzie & Ger

Friday, November 21, 2008

Confetti Shoot!

Guys, there is great excitement around here lately as the fairytale bridal photo shoot that we were a part of a wee while back in that gorgeous Parkinasilla Hotel location up in Kerry has come out this week. We were really looking forward to seeing the spread in the magazine but what we didn't account for was the fact that the bridal magazine chose one of our bridal ensembles for the front page too!!! I can't even describe how special the day was when I went up and purchased my own copy of the mag ( in fact I think the lady on the till was probably wondering what that strange look on my face was when I was paying for it, I wanted so badly to blurt out to her that it was our clothing on the front! the poor girl. lol)

The whole shoot was based on fairytale bridal theme, its was really romantic and magical, it came out really fab, the stylist and photographer involved were only fabulous too.
We wanted to share the excitement with you guys and I took some pics from the actual magazine itself. All in all a nice week for us. xx
Bonzie & Ger

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bolero Express!

Recently we have been spending some time honoring lots of custom bridal bolero orders for the shop. Its a really nice way of adding a bit of couture to a simple dress or adding a bit of theme to an overall wedding look. Here are some of the more recent wedding boleros to hit the shop

Bonzie & Ger

Friday, November 14, 2008

Customer of the month!

Over here at Bonzie headquarters ( you will have to excuse me now folks, I have just come back from the cinema, went to see the bond movie ;) Had a blue ice slushee, just a wee bit of random information for you , really it was the most memorable part of the event, oooh almost forgot and the blue eyes too! piercing, indeed.
Anyhew........ As I was saying before my mind wondered in a sugar induced trance.. We are running a customer of the month prize in "ye olde shoppe". At the end of each month we will pop all the names of our customers on etsy from that month into a raffle and the winner will be sent a mystery Bonzie Prize. Just to give a little back. :)
Pictured above is one of the latest commissions hot off the cutting table.Our client, who happens to be a tribal fusion belly dancer (cool!) sent us over an amazing selection of lace to work with and we were very happy with the results. The textures in this piece are very nice and the subtle mix of autumnul color/colour tones add an added dimension. I love the way the lace spills over the edge, I love lace... did I mention I am all loved up on a blue slushee? Seriously guys, how much sugar would you think they put in those bad boys. can't be good for you!
well, while I try to sleep off my glucose hangover, I hope you guys are doing something nice tonight, why not share your plans in the comments section, I would love to know what yall are up to. ;)


bonzie & Ger

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An interesting Collaboration

Recently we were approached by a very stylish mommy who wanted us to create a bag with all the usual adornments , trim and frou frou but was also looking for the bag to be roomy and practical to house all her little ones bits and bobs. We knew that one of our usual evening bags wouldn't quite house enough stuff so we had to come up with a new large bag that would be elegant and stylish yet very practical and functional at the same time.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results as I never would have attempted to mix both functionality and adornment before. Thanks again to a client who challenged our usual comfort zone we have come up with a new bag style which we are really excited about and longing to produce more for the christmas season. Im thinking they would make awesome gifts for that special stylish friend not to mention a mom with a little one who just wants a bag to hold lots of odds and ends while looking pretty!


Bonzie & Ger

Friday, November 7, 2008

Probably our most colourful client ever

One of my most favourite things about selling online is finding out where in the globe an item is being shipped and to whom. Recently I had the pleasure of sending a piece to an extremely talented and inspirational young woman called Gabby Young. (piece worn above in photoshoot)

Gabby fronts an awesome UK based band who are creating waves in the music scene at the moment and are surely on their way up through an amazing adventure. GabbyYoung and Other Animals are going places for sure. Heres a snippet from their blog,

"Causing a reaction is becoming a habit for the instantly recognisable girl with a petite frame, mane of red hair and the vocal ability of a lioness. Although classically trained, her diverse musical tastes include pop, rock, folk, jazz, funk and experimental and that shines through in every song. Critics are agreed, Gabby Young is a true original. Already overcoming thyroid cancer at the tender age of 22, her voice has been described as having a vocal range that would melt marble at a hundred paces. High praise indeed, but an initial listen to her debut EP will soon have you making similar comparisons. Her commanding stage presence has earned her a fan base that spans a range of musical genres, from folk to antifolk, acoustic trip to jazz."

Gabby you are truely an inspiration. ;)

(pics by talented photographer Joseph Lee)