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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I wanted to share with you guys one of my fave jewelry makers on etsy.

I covet after these stunning creations on a daily basis, if ever there was a perfect accompaniment to our tattered couture creations, these would be what I would envisage to compliment our aesthetic perfectly. Talula uses vintage findings, antiques and trinkets in a romantic blend of artistry and storytelling. Each piece appears like an old tale to me, from a far away time and place, I just love them all.

Another reason to love Talula can be found in her fabulously eccentric profile description...

"talula bourdon*. Former secret agent, turned circus performer, excelling in trapeze artistry and the high-wire. Now residing in quaint Texas town, living incognito as ranch wife and mother of two. During spare time enjoys designing one of a kind heirloom jewelry, drinking very dirty vodka martinis, dreaming of living in Paris with extremely handsome husband, and becoming gypsy fortune teller to the rich and famous.*bourdon is french for bumblebee."

Treasury Thank Yous!

We were very fortunate over the christmas to see some really gorgeous treasurys on the front page of including some of our pieces. In fact one night while I was sleeping, I awoke at 4 in the morning and felt an urge to check our etsy shop online, I snuck into the kitchen and turned on my little Itouch (IPod) where I was able to log on straight away without making too much noise in the house, and low and behold there was one of our pieces on the front page just as I logged on. I tell you my ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) was in full swing that night! lol In facct that happens now and again, I will get an overwhelming urge to check in online at the most inconvenient of times only to find a nice surprise there that I might have missed otherwise!

We wanted to personally thank those that regularly support our work and include us in their treasuries on etsy. Huge thanks to Talula, Spelfenmeisje and JealousyDesign for the awesome collections above that made it onto the front page this month. :)

A wee thank you token is on its way to you all. xxx

bonzie & ger

Monday, December 29, 2008


Its no secret now that Im a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood and Alexandra McQueen, quintessentially British Design at its most eccentric. So when we were asked to design a piece that had an Anglomania vibe with an Equestrian theme for a special fashion expo in Barcelona rocking on one of Irelands edgiest hair groups Zeba we just jumped at the chance. You can see some of the styles that were also used for the Social and Personal Shoot below but one piece missed the editorial but made the show. I wanted to share the inspiration for this piece with you and some studio shots of the completed piece, hopefully getting it onto a model to show you guys at another time.

The idea was to take the British Red Coat and create a coat that was extremely feminine, with sexy tailoring and most importantly create a piece that could be rocked over a pair of simple black leggings and kickin shoes.

Its a little eccentric for most but I think this piece could really work given the right accessories. :)

bonzie & ger

Twitter along with us!

we have joined the "twitter" community, (finally) seem to be one of the last to catch on to this awesome online resource. Twitter allows members to update everyone as often as they want throughout the day what one is doing. Its a very simple device but actually really interesting. So basically the next time your scratchin your head you can let the whole world know about it! Right!

We will keep everyone up to date on new pieces or products going into the shop, interesting events happening, blog updates, the skys the limit. Why not join us at twitter and add us to your followers, we will be following you right back. :) sounds kind of creepy doesn't it. lol

Check us out Here and tune in for regular updates. Our twitter user name is bonziedesigns. ;)

bonzie & ger

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Masquerade Boleros

After the positive response we received from the green bolero that was featured in "Social and Personal", (Irish Fashion Magazine) we decided that some brides might like to add something edgy to their wedding ensemble too and we experimented with this shape bringing out two options to choose from available to purchase/order in the shop now. The first one is made from a beautiful tapestry style quilted ivory fabric that would be lush for a winter wedding, the second is constructed using a rich ivory and gold jacquard which has a very regal finish to it. The sleeve style was a pattern I designed in college years ago and remains one of my faves to this day, it has a very dramatic silhouette reminiscent of the Victorian era yet has a punky military feel to it too.

These Masquerade boleros are fully lined in bridal satin which is revealed in a large turn back collar for a nice contrast to the patterned base. These can also be ordered in plain ivory, white or champagne satin for the more demure brides, just drop us a line through our etsy store here. ;)
bonzie & ger

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Came to Us too!

Hi guys,

We have been very excited over the Christmas, we got a very special christmas gift this year and we are working on it at the moment. We now have our very own website which we are hoping to launch very soon. Its got a very bonzie-esque feel to it.

At the end of 2008 we decided there where a few goals for the new year and tops on our list was our own website. Its on the way guys, we are looking forward to sharing it with you all.

We are taking a chill back with our families this week to enjoy the holidays, but as always we are "Bustin" to get back into the studio with some new projects coming online for the new year. ;) I love this time of year, I love the anticipation of a clean slate, of new things and opportunities presenting themselves in the near future, the laws of attraction being set in full swing for 2009! ( We are big fans of "The Secret")

Heres to an awesome new year, filled with lots of good karma. xxx

bonzie & ger

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!


We would both like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas this year and especially to thank you all for sharing our blog stories with us throughout this year. Its been an eventful year for us both, we are having the time of our lives, both finally enjoying working each day on our passion. We would not be doing all this without your support and loyalty.

Thank you to all of our clients, to those that have now become good friends and to those who invited us to be a part of the most special day of your life. We are truly grateful for everyone's contribution in making our dream a reality.

Thank you a thousand times, we hope you can continue to enjoy our little adventure in the New Year too. Its been fun. :)



Bonzie & Ger

let the feasting commence...........

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bolero De La Pierrot and a very poorly little Sis.

Today my sis joined me for the day and we decided to spend the time together having a bit of fun and doing our own photoshoot. It was her first time modelling for pics and I think she did a really cool job. I got some new snaps of our newest Pierrot range for the shop. ;)

At the last shot she turned to me and said she felt she was going to be sick, I thought she was joking as she had one of the wedding dresses on at the time and I looked again and a freaky shade of green took over her face and we frantically stripped her out of the dress while she ran for cover. Poor girl, who knew she was feeling so poorly, such nice shots from a very sick model.

Well, we are all about the glamour here folks. lol
Thanks Sis. xx

( You certainly hit the cute genes lottery in our wee family. :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Collaboration

We recently finished a really fun collaboration with Gilbea of etsy. Gilbea makes the most beautiful silk paintings on luxurious silk and transforms her handpainted pieces into pieces of wearable art! We were very excited recently to collaborate with Gilbea and gasped when her handpainted silk piece arrived through my letterbox. It was such a treat to work with the fabric, it had such a dramatic scheme on it we wanted to create a dress that would firstly allow the fluidity of the fabric to take centre stage because it drapes so beautifully, we also wanted to add a little of our signature embellishments the dress so we decided to create an asymmetrical bias draped dress with a black velvet neck adornment complete with tulle tattered edging and satin ruffled blooms.
To see more of Gilbeas stunning silks visit or
Have a nice Thursday everyone.

bonzie & ger

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Client Corner ~ Kimberly

What a journey we have had with this next etsy client collaboration. We had so much fun working with this talented lady! Quite an exotic client is our Kimberly and I wanted to share some of her talents with you guys too. Why not check Kim out below, one of the most amazing artists of movement I have ever come upon. Kim is one of the main components of Londons very first Tribal Fusion Dance Troupe and she is mesmerizing to watch, trust me, its hypnotic to watch her move like that!

Kim recently got married to her soulmate and enlisted us to design a brocade bolero piece for over her wedding dress which she actually rocked out with her own two hands also (honestly this girls talents know no bounds!) I just adore the punkyness of her wedding dress yet it has a regal air to it that just lends so perfectly to the occasion. It was really lovely to work with Kim who has to be one of the calmest brides I have ever had the pleasure to deal with, such a positive person, radiating good karma too!

We made up Kims bag too which I was recently told played a very important role in the ceremony too! ;)

Kim, Ger and I would like to wish you both the most amazing adventure together in your newfound wedded bliss, and thank you for sharing in your journey with us, it was truely a pleasure getting to know you.


Bonzie & Ger

* Check out Kims website here for more stunning videos and pics

Kimberly Mackoy @ Madame Jojo's

This is a video of our client Kim in action on stage, you guys have to see this girl move, she is like a mix between Jessica Rabbit and a serpent. Check it out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tattered Punk Ensemble

We just finished an ensemble for out top etsy client Steff recently and Im chuffed with the results. I wanted to create something in our typical tatter couture style with a pinch of punk thrown in and all mixed up with a flavour of anglo-mania in there too. I get a Vivienne Westwood or McQueen vibe of this outfit and this is one of those pieces that I wish I could just sneak into my own wardrobe for keeps. (I love my layered skirts you see!)

I'm happy to know its goin to the best home!

bonzie & ger

Sunday, December 14, 2008

TopsyTurvy Collaborative

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with one of our all time favourite innovative etsy peers, TopsyTurvyDesigns. Kim is one of the most exciting milliners on etsy and constantly creates wearable art with her sculptural theatrical inspired pieces. It was awesome to send some of our neck pieces over to the States for a photoshoot by the Kate O Brien Collective and the results were really special.

Here are some of the pics from the shoot! :)
Bonzie & Ger

Congrats to XYogaChick on etsy for winning our November Customer Mystery Prize Draw, a gift is on its way to you. Thanks to all our clients for November, we are looking forward to pulling the December winner out at the end of the month. ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its all about the champagne!

Here is a couple of shots from a really lovely bridal commission for a very special Andrea on etsy. Andrea shared some of her wedding plans with us and we spent an afternoon swooning over her venue, dress and church. When Andrea is done being a bride Im pretty sure the wedding planning industry will be coming a knockin! ;)

The set was made from stunning champagne raw silk fabric, well..... one would ask, what else? :)
If you would like to order a bridal bag in your own color simply send us a message with your order.


Monday, December 8, 2008