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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Le Coquette Ruffled Scarf

One of the newest additions to our line of accessories in the shop..........

"Le Coquette Ruffled Scarf"

bonzie & ger

Monday, February 23, 2009

A great night at the "YOU PARTY LAUNCH"


Hey Gals,
You may have noticed a wee blog hiatus over the last couple of weeks. Well fear not my fashionista friends.... alls good in the hood and Ger and I have been very busy lately focusing our energy's on some new pieces for the shop, some in house decorating for a very exciting new opportunity in the wings and basically keeping on top of the busiest season of the year "Bridal Season!" ( no prizes for guessin what a lot of lucky gals got for Christmas )

Well, I'm sure some of you might have been wondering how we got on at the "YOU" Magazine party launch.......... well it was absolutely fabulous, in every sense of the word. We had a blast.

We had the most random day.... I guess we should have known how it would turn out when the taxi unknowingly dropped us off at a really gorgeous glam hotel in Dublin ( I had booked online so wasn't sure what to expect) only to discover a half hour later (having already laid out the whole shebang of inventory, as you do, lashes, check, stocking, check, tan, check, shoes, check, make up, check, all over a very spacious hotel room) that we had just booked into the WRONG hotel and our actual hotel was just around the corner and like something out of a Moroccan backpackers guidebook!

After much convulsions and a rapid eviction from the initial glamorous lodgings we got ourselves glammed up and hit the road for the YOU party launch. The launch itself was an absolutely gorgeous affair, chandeliers, champagne and fancy nibblies that I can't even pronounce! We met some really great people including some of the editorial team who were really very down to earth, managed to place ourselves strategically behind some huge storyboards to avoid the wandering TV3 cameras and guzzled our way through some really tasty champagne (sorry typo alert, please replace "some" with the words "copious amounts" ) and finished the night on an awesome tip about the most amazing chicken wings in Ireland at late night restaurant "elephant and castle" in Dublins Templebar! ( thanks for the tip N!) ;)

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to a guggling gagging sound only to find Ger at the end of the bed knocking back the contents of the 80 year old kettle like a woman possessed. I must admit after peeling my tongue from the roof of my own mouth it seemed like a worthwhile pursuit too, I guess our sole daily food intake of champagne and spicy chicken wings would have that effect on ones body!! lol

The following morning as I walked around in me "noooood" just out of the shower whilst Ger took hers I was quickly introduced to the downside of lodging in the city centre of dublin directly opposite a busy office tower block when your partner has only just opened the window blinds (while I was in the bathroom) treating early morning clerks to a site for sore eyes!

In a nutshell, a great craic was had by all. :)
bonzie & ger
ps (craic = Irish slang for good fun and not necessarily a word for the white stuff! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Its Roadtrip time again!

Gals, its that time again..................

yup, after weeks and months of burying our heads in the studio and working away on custom orders for etsy we have accepted an invite to the Launch of one of Irelands Newest Glossy, The Irish Daily Mails, "YOU" Magazine.

We are so excited to be peeling ourselves away from the sewing machines and cutting table, hanging up the comfie clothes (ahem...tracksuits pants) and opting for some glam rags tomorrow night. The party is on in Dublin so we will be roadtripping it up on the train, doing a spot of window shopping in the city, then spending a couple of hours tweazing and frou frouing to head out with the glamazons. :) Magazine Launch Parties are not so common down our neck of the woods so its all a bit exciting.
Its gonna be tough to spend time away from the studio , but even working gals need a little glam now and again. :)


bonzie & ger

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Drumroll Ladies!!!!!


The Official Launch of our very own "Bonzie" website ( finally!)
Gals you might remember we mentioned gifting ourselves at christmas time with our very own website, well after 2 months of tinkering with html codes, and general all round computer techy stuffamajuff (as my partner would say), that clearly confused the earlobes right off my face we have finally gotten our site up and LIVE on the world wide web. :)

Its been somewhat of a challenge understanding all the bits and bobs that were required to complete the site but we have finally ( after endless damzel in distress style emails to our support team!) have managed to compose the beginnings of what is to be another muffin in the bonzie cake tin. :)
We love the romantic haunted vibe of the website, the tattered fabric, the music, the romantic french swirls, encapsulating some of what we enjoy here at studio "Bonzie". We will be adding a lot more content over the next few months so stay tuned, but for now, I hope you guys take a peek and enjoy the early excitement with both of us. xxx

bonzie & ger