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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Bolero Shades.

We are so excited to be adding some new shades to our Victorian Inspired Bolero range, we managed to source this stunning silver shade above which has the most illuminating quality that just glows in the sunlight. Its great to know that these shades will open up the doors to more evening events with a little black dress or victorian blouse!
Available now in the shop here.
Current Colors; Ivory, Champagne, Black, Silver, Teal, Red. ( just enquire within.)
In Style....
Bonzie & Ger

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exciting News.

We have recently had a wave of fortune in the studio in the form of some new magazine shoots coming our way. There are 4 new publications on line to work with us in the near future and we are just stoked about this and really looking forward to sharing the pieces with you guys when they hit the shelves. Its funny how these things happen in waves.
In fact Ger and I were just conversing across the cutting table the other day about working on some marketing projects soon as we have been studio based for a good while now and its nice to shake it up a little now and again. Well, if she did........ literally within 12 hours of mouthing the word "marketing" we were approached by 4publications to work on some shoots soon.

I like to think that the "laws of attraction" are at play there and very much enjoy the message in the book " The Secret" , if you havn't read it yet its worth a read and a really nice way to look at things afterwards. It makes you look at your life through a different perspective.

Whilst we are on the subject of looking at things, I hope you guys enjoy the newest couture piece to hit the shop, Im loving the colors in this one and it reminded me so much of the Phantom of the Opera show on Broadway I just had to name it "Masquerade Corset"
In Style.......
Bonzie & Ger

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Arrivals!!

We finally got a chance to get outdoors today for a time and take a few pictures of the newest pieces to hit the shop. Of course it was raining and dull but we managed to run in and out of the studio between black clouds to get a couple of much needed new snaps.
Heres the first piece in stock.....
Available now in the shop.
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bonzie & ger

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Roadtrip.

Im so excited to be hitting the road tomorrow morning for a wee Birthday getaway with my partner. It feels like an age since I had a break and a getaway and we are heading for Killarney, one of our favourite destinations. ( well New York was booked out, what can I say. lol )

As Ger is the more organised of us both I was handed a bag of girlie goodies today that I would never even think of until its too late, loads of face scrubs, hair treats , the works and of course a bottle of wine with a bottle opener attached! I laughed at this last one as only Ger would know that I would take a bottle of wine with me on a trip and forget an opening operatus! :)

Its funny when you work along side a family member they actually come to know you better than you know yourself!

I also received a really special gift from one of my gal pals on etsy,simplysusan. Its such a lovely feeling to open a personal gift and handmade card from a friend I met online on the other side of the world. We have met some really amazing friends through the etsy community and Im always blown away by the kindness and caring nature of all the gals on there.

Back in a couple of days gals, hoping to see more of the above pictured on the journey. ( picture taken of a local castle ruin by my dad.
missing you already gals. :)
I shall be 28 when I get home, eek!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have you seen...........

~A Fallen Angel ..........

Introducing our newest bridal bolero in our 2009 Couture Bridal Line.

A veritable feast of romance, ruffles and whimsy, bringing a rich couture look to even the most simplest of bridal gowns.

Available exclusively now from our etsy online boutique
In Style.........
Bonzie & Ger

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Skirts Been and Gone!



We updated the shop during the week with a couple of our steampunk inspired petticoat layered skirts, we are busy getting more of these together over the coming weeks so keep an eye on the store, they tend to go quick so snap one up when you see one that suits your style!
The first Brown and Rust one is currently still in stock Here. :)

In Style.......
Bonzie & Ger

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Client Corner ~ Wendy

Wendys Book!
One of our favourite things about selling online is finding out a little bit bout the destination of the piece we have just packaged up, who its going to, where its going to be worn, whats the occasion. This is where Wendy steps in! Wendy has a fascinating background and we clicked immediately..............

Wendy Gillissen (Delft, 1969) has always been fascinated by dreams and the supernatural. After graduating as a Clinical Psychologist, she specialized in dreamwork and past life therapy. The urge to write and her love for the world of castles, elves and ghosts stem from the time she was five years old and her parents first took her to the ancient hills of England, Scotland and Wales.
After an inspiring visit to the Greek island of Kefalonia in 2005, Wendy began writing Curse of the Tahiéra. Curse of the Tahiéra is a spiritual fantasy novel in which dreams, reincarnation and shamanism are woven into a thrilling adventure.It is a journey through haunted forests, through dreams and time; a story about love, magic and the power of forgiveness.
The Dutch edition was published in December 2008. The English edition of Curse of the Tahiéra is planned for May 2009.Wendy also makes jewellery inspired by ancient cultures, and in her spare time she plays the Celtic harp.

Some woman for one woman! (as we say round here) A creative soul that we were very drawn to. Wendy purchased a corset from us some time ago and as luck would have it we had a matching skirt in stock which would have been cruel to seperate from its buddy so we gifted it to Wendy. As Karma kicked in Wendy ended up rocking the ensemble on the cover of her book and we were chuffed to bits! This is one of those stories whereby a piece leaves our studio in Ireland, begins its own journey and has its own place in the world. Its always fun to know the destination of our creations, it makes the shipping more enjoyable!

The skirt above is Wendys latest purchase and is destined for a renaissance fair in the states! Its just a real shame these pieces dont need to be hand delivered ;)

In Style
Bonzie & Ger