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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shop Update ~ Tatter Tees

Hi Gals,

Just letting you guys know about a trio of lovelies added to the store today. Larger sizes available in this batch as per requested, hope you guys enjoy. :)

In Style......

bonzie & ger

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Special Gift to You!


As a show of our appreciation for all of our well wishers during our feature spot on etsy last week and to welcome all of our new blog readers we are hosting a wee blog giveaway to gift 3 randomly selected winners an original "Bonzie Haunted Bloom". All of you gals who left us a blog comment since our feature last week and to any of you who sent us love filled convos to our etsy store will be entered into a draw and 3 names will be drawn to receive a bloom.

Winners will be drawn and announced tomorrow, best of luck to everyone and again our warmest thanks for a really great show of support, we appreciate each and everyone of your comments.

In Style........

bonzie & ger

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Heres a sneak peak at our next jacket to hit the shop, total tatter couture, with a smidge of steampunk for a very edgy look! Size Medium.

In Style........
Bonzie & Ger

Monday, May 25, 2009

Haunted Blooms.

Sharing some lovely hauntedness with you gals in the form of some "Tattered Couture" style haunted blooms in muted antiquated shades.

Coming to the shop tomorrow. :)

In Style.........
Bonzie & Ger

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reality Bites!

New Edition to the Shop, Napoleona Red Velvet Coat


First and foremost a humongous THANK YOU! to all of our friends and supporters who chimed in with well wishes this week during our etsy "Featured Seller" gig. We were absolutely blown away by the response and felt so thankful to all of our pals on etsy who took time out of their day to share their positivity and warmness with us, we are eternally grateful. :)
In the midst of what can only be described as a tornado going through the studio with over 300emails and a big spike in orders we had a moment of reprieve in the guise of a wee little boy who always brings a smile into our day no matter what we are doing. Ger and I had lots of stock prepared for the feature in advance and we hadn't managed to fit in a photo shoot prior to it so we had to do a quickie photo session out Gers back garden in the middle of the week. Just as Ger was getting into it ( baring in mind Ger is a mom of 3 and has only been rail roaded into modelling by me out of pure necessity on the days that one of our in house models, Niamh, Jez or Judith are at work etc.) , a pose here and a pose there and I was admiring Gers improvisation when just out of the corner of our eyes Gers littlest , who was just home from school, potters over in his Thomas the Tank Engine slipper to where we were shooting and innocently says to Ger, " mam, is me egg ready yet! "

This was enough for the both of us, we were rolling round the garden in hysterics, I don't know if it was the stress of the week, or the fact that we were really getting into the shoot when he brought us right back down to earth. Gers says through the tears rolling down her face, " Ya wouldn't want to be thinking your Kate Moss or anything would ya! " .

Well, its a very glamorous life indeed! lol

In Style........
Bonzie and Ger (Kate Moss)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Brilliant News!

Some time ago we mentioned that we had a very cool surprise coming up and we couldn't quite talk bout it until it launched online so as not to ruin the surprise for everyone.............. well today that little secret was revealed and we are just so excited to share some really brilliant news with you all.

The lovely folk over at (where our wee online boutique resides) have elected us to be the featured sellers on the front page of etsy for our very own time in the spotlight. We were so chuffed when we heard about the feature and its been so tough keeping it a surprise, especially when its such exciting news. We have had a crazy couple of weeks prepping for the feature and today was the first day of its presence online.

We would love to say a big thanks to all of our online pals who jumped in with messages of support and warm wishes, we felt very special receiving all of your good vibes. :)
With Love........
bonzie & ger

Heres a link to the article if you fancy a browse at the interview.

Putty Green Adorned Autumn Jacket

New Arrivals in store now. :)
In Style.........
Bonzie & Ger

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Couresan's Spring Jacket

A new edition to our Spring/Summer jacket line, available in the shop now. :)
In Style........
bonzie & ger

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exciting Online Feature!


Today we got an awesome email from a PR agency in New York ( which was enough excitement in itself ) but then we found out that the lady contacting us found our work online on through! We couldn't believe it! Glam is a really awesome American brand which packs some great fashion punch and it was very exciting to hear that our pieces were today's feature on cleverly titled "Baroque Chic".

If you fancy a read of it, check it out here. :)

Thank You for making our day
In Style............

Bonzie & Ger

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photo Shoot Sneak Peak!

The Shoot with Shane O'Neill on Monday was awesome, heres a quick post and run to give you guys a quick look at the first shots off the table. ( more to follow )

In the meantime if your style savvy bride and your looking for a really great photographer be sure to check out Shane O'Neill's new site for some stunning samples of his work!

In Style.........

Bonzie & Ger

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We are still here!

Hi Gals,
We have been missing in action for a wee while now and the blog has tumbleweed rolling across the screen. Its been a really busy time recently and some very exciting projects took centre stage for the last couple of weeks. Heres what we have been up to of late,
* One of our pieces will be part of an Irish Photo Shoot for an up and coming new Irish Band and will be featured on their album cover ( will be sure to share this later on when the pics come out officially )

* We have been finishing up the last of the neverending custom list that we needed to complete having closed up the custom orders side of things in March, some of these last items included wedding dresses, communion dresses and multiple bridal packages so it was all hands on deck! Hope to share some of the client pics from these commissions later on in the year. :)

* The biggest time consumer of late is the preperation for a really exciting online event coming very soon! Its all a bit top secret for now but will be chuffed to share it when its launched.

* last week we sent a box of ruffled goodies to the editor of "Irish Brides" magazine for an upcoming feature so hopefully there will be some published pics to share with you then too.

* We were also invited to send out some statement pieces to Belle Amoire, Haute Handbags and Altered Couture Magazines by the fabulously creative Stampington and Co publishing house in California.

* On top of that we have been trying to keep on top of our regular etsy sales too over the last few weeks so its been a whole frenzy of busyness here lately.

* Tomorrow we go on a Photoshoot with renowned Irish photographer Shane O'Neill to a haunted house and cliffside location so that should be fun,if a little unerving, all at once!

As Im typing, I can't help but think........ ( in my best Carrie Bradshaw exit ) ......
wouldn't life be wonderful with some staff!!! ;)
On the personal side of things, this summer is like the film, "4 weddings and a funeral!"
We have a communion, a christening, a wedding, a hen party weekend, our own birthdays, wedding anniversarys, partners birthdays, kids birthdays, friends 30th birthdays, friends birthday parties..................... the list goes on for quite a bit. lol
Ive never had a year like it, EVER! I think it might be time to invest in 2 Ger and Bonzie clones! ;)

In Style.......
Bonzie & Ger
Check out the shop for stock updates,