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Thursday, June 25, 2009

RTE Website Feature!

Some exciting news to share on the publicity front....

One of our pieces from a previous photoshoot with Zeba Hair Group on Dublin and Dublin Based Stylist, Roxanne Parker has been featured up on the National TV station, RTE Website! Gers hubbie came upon this little nugget by accident online scouring the fashion pages, ( as you do!) and he instantly recognised the picture.

The feature is an interview with the fabulously talented Hair Stylist, Stephen Kelly who we had the pleasure to work with on the photoshoot. Check out their website here to oogle after their artistic creations.

It brought a smile to our day today. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Handmade Bridal Bolero in Lace


One of the latest additions to the "Bonzie" line of handmade couture bridal boleros, the "Marie Antoinette" Lace bolero.

This delicate ivory bolero encapsulates the femininity of an era gone by whilst capturing a modern day couture finish that will add a touch of chic to your special day.

Available now here.

To see more from our newest range visit our etsy store here.

In Style.......
bonzie & ger

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fabulous Bridal Blog find!


We were so excited to receive a wee email today from the talented folk over at the "Inventing Weddings" Blog. Bonnie wrote to us to let us know that one of our boleros had been recently featured in a post over there on Bridal Shabby Chic. I immediately went over for a visit and I am so glad to have found this particular blog. This is an absolutely fantastic resource for the style savvy bride who is hoping to inject a little bit of something special into their big day.
Bonnie takes a color scheme and theme and creates truly beautiful mood boards, like the one above, bringing together an array of handmade pieces, mostly from and provides color palettes, fonts the whole shebang. Its a practical wedding planner at your fingertips, and one with bags of style, a veritable feast of ideas and online resources. I got lost scrolling through the various different wedding themes and I can only imagine what a great resource and inspiration this site would be for brides planning their own big day.

If your wondering where to begin in terms of your wedding theme why not pay the Bonnie a visit at Your creative juices will be overflowing afterwards!

In Style....
bonzie & ger

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rococco Wraps in Stock.

Rococco Bridal Tulle Wraps ~ Adding an Ethereal touch to your special day. :)
Available here.
In Style
Bonzie & ger

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunny Photoshoots!

Hey Gals,

Ger and I held a photoshoot yesterday to add some new stock to the shop. It was a sunny day here in Ireland but very windy, which led to some very intersting windswept shots!

Irish Model, Lucy Fitzgerald worked beautifully for the shoot and leant a really ethereal feel to the overall look with her captivating blue eyes which just sparkled out of each shot. Lucy also happens to be my cousin and a trained dancer too which was a real treat to work with in terms of posing and poise. We had a fun day which involved very glamorous slurry puddles and spritely pheasants frightening the life out of the 3 of us on the barn shots!

Check out the results of the shoot with some of the newest bridal boleros being added to the shop. ;)
In Style........
bonzie & ger

Friday, June 19, 2009

Desperately Seeking Carrie!


This post goes out to "Carrie" .....

Carrie won a prize in our recent draw for a tatter bloom and sadly the comment was left on our blog under an anonymous google account so we havn't been able to contact you for your mailing address.

So Carrie, if your out there, or possibly following our blog, hopefully you will see this message and come claim your prize under the same account.

Maybe its Carrie Bradshaw gals, perhaps we should just send it on to "Sex and the City" lol.

In Style

bonzie & ger

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Client Corner ~ Margaret

Travelling in Style!!

Hi Gals,

Wanted to share a couple of pics of one of our recent clients here in our very own town. Margaret and Iain created the most fantastic wedding day, complete with castles, helicopter, kilts and not forgetting one of our very own bridal pieces, the Elizabethan Long Bridal Coat. You might remember it from a while back, well Margaret opted for a shorter version of the coat to accompany her stunning short Audrey Hepburn style dress underneath.
Margaret looked absolutely stunning on the day and totally rocked those shoes too! It was a really fun wedding to be a part of, a dream customer who really enjoys quirky design and creativity.

Ger and I would like to wish both Iain and Margaret a very happy journey together, it was a pleasure being a part of your special day.


bonzie & ger
ps, thanks for all the help with the camera charger, its been found, in the bottom of a box of silk in Gers, so the show is back on the road again. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Spring Fling Orange Ruffles


On a very rainy wintery day here in Ireland , we felt it would be nice to add a burst of color into our wraps collection with a very vivid "Carnivale Burst" ruffled wrap in a double layer of sheer fabric in vivid oranges and magentas. A selection of handmade corsages in lime green pop on the left side of the piece whilst a decadent sequined butterfly adorn the florals for a touch of spring.
Available as always from our etsy store,

In Style.........
bonzie & ger
ps, Have some super new pieces in stock at the moment and cannot seem to find my camera charger! eek. If anyone knows where I left that it would be super! ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unplanned Sabaticals!

Hi Gals,
It feels like its been an age since we have been round in blogland to update you all and add new postings. A lot has been happening since our feature and its been quite a whirlwind over the last few weeks. I think the run up to the feature and also the intense workload of custom orders we had remaining on our neverending lists took its toll on both of us and we were well and truelly frazzled for the last wee while. I don't think I have ever answered so many emails and queries in my life and I have had an aversion to technology for the last couple of weeks, hence the tumbleweed running through our blog of late.

But alas, recuperation is complete, we have both enjoyed a couple of days out of town, been getting some much needed vitamin D of the sunny variety and have managed to be reintroduced to the bottom of our laundry baskets for the first time in months ( scratch that, lets say years !
We also went to a super meeting today with a local community resource group who are keen to work with our wee growing business and we feel invigorated bout new plans and upcoming projects.

I guess we took a wee bit of time to "sharpen the tools" as Gers hubbie often puts it! A rest sometimes pays off dividends in reviving the soul!

That being said I need to update you guys on the 3 winners of our "Thanking You" competition that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

Congrats to

~~~ Pampering Beki ~~~ ( from blog comments )
~~~ Carri ~~~~ ( from blog comments )
~~~ Shay Crammer ~~~ ( from etsy convos )
3 bonzie blooms are on their merry way to you guys this week. :)

In Style...
Bonzie & Ger