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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Studio Bustle!

Guys, thought you might enjoy a wee glimpse into my favourite mannequin in the studio at the moment. Loving the bustle-esque style of this piece at the moment and its distracting my eye all week from my position at the table! lol

On another positive note, our coquette ruffled wrap made an appearance on daytime TV this week on RTE's The Afternoon Show. It was featured on a fantastic fashion segment by Irish Stylist Tanya Grimson and we are busy trying to figure out the "techy" aspect of trimming and Mpeg4 file so that we can share the wee segment with you all.

It was a lovely surprise to see one of our pieces on TV and Ger rang me from her sitting room where she was jumping around like a baboon ( her words!) as a result of seeing our piece on the small screen! ;) I can't imagine what we will be like when the big feature hits RTE this year! yikes!
Hope everyone is having a nice week
bonzie & ger

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ruffles galore....

Coquette Capelet

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Client Corner ~ Lindsey & Jared


We received the loveliest email yesterday from a one of our clients Lindsey & Jared. We spent ages swooning over their photography, the styling involved in the wedding, the location, the bride, the groom, heck even the guests were cool in this wedding! The overall theme had a very relaxed antiquated feel to it and the wedding album just captured the most magical day!

The photographer for the wedding was Christina Gilchrist out of Portland, Oregon. Her website is: , we spent an afternoon oogling through Lindseys wedding album online and this photographer is one talented lady!

Lindsey and Jared wed in Cannon Beach, Oregon last month and we would both love to wish you guys a fabulous time together. It was an absolute pleasure working with you on your bolero.


bonzie & ger

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dads Fantastic News!

Ive been so excited this weekend with news of a more personal nature. My dad recently embraced his passion for photography and has been honing his craft this year with some pretty intensive practicing sessions. Well the news broke this week that Dad has his first exhibition booked and will be aiming to showcase his body of work before christmas in a local venue.

This is awesome news guys as Dad spent his whole life working in a different job and denying his creative streak only to revisit it after life took a new path. I'm probably his most biased biggest fan and his work really inspires me everyday so I wanted to share one of his portrait studies with you as they are so sweet.

Sophie is my only niece and my Godchild and Dad managed to capture his granddaughter in what can only be described as a really special Rembrandt-esque piece. I love the mood of both shots and the elegant line of Sophie's neck in the pic, her dance training is already evident in her posture and I love how photography captures her little mannerisms.

Well done Dad and here's to a fabulous exhibition.
We will be sure to share pictures from the night.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A quick capture!


During our recent filming debut the photographer managed to capture a couple of snaps of the action on the day. I love the pic with the blurred TV cameraman in the background. It reminds me of the surrealism of the whole day. We all had a blast and we are looking forward to sharing the feature with you all when it hits the box!

In style....
bonzie & ger

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cuteville Client Corner ~ Ava

Ava practicing her Milan strut!


We have been dying to share the most recent client corner with you all as it was such a lovely experience for everyone involved. One of Etsy's finest "Liaison" got in touch to create a bolero for her adorable daughter Ava who happens to be one of the tiniest fashionistas we have come to meet to date. We created one of our silver Victorian Boleros in miniature for Ava as it was to match in with her beautiful dress for a special family event and she looked absolutely adorable in all her finery.
Mom Katherine runs her own stunning label creating out of this world wearable art for quirky rockstars and the like! We have attached a sample of Katherines work above but you can see lots more at , you will be blown away by this ladies talents!
All round a really fun collaboration and a fantastic little girl!
In Style........
bonzie & ger

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canary Yellowness!

Hi Gals,

We have been sourcing some new shades of silk to bring into our Bridal range of late and I was hopelessly drawn to this rich Regal Yellow Shade on the silk swatch book. I kept leaving it and going back to it, heck, I think even Ger thought I had lost my marbles when I told her we had just purchased a lot of yellow! ( baring in mind that Im not a gal for too much color and always tend to lean towards old muted tones ) so this vivid yellow is a welcome change for me. :)

I like to think of it as a Tudor style yellow as its got a very regal finish to it when its made up into boleros and wraps etc. It also rocks with ivory for bridal now ladies all we need are a few very stylish brave gals to be edgy enough to add a pop of color to their special day!
In Style....
bonzie & ger